by hubert

In recent years, many commuters choose to ride on electric scooters for adults rather than other private modes of transportation like cars and motorcycles. That’s because electric scooters have proven to be convenient, practical, and eco-friendly. These main reasons made it extremely popular among city dwellers globally, making the industry become a USD 19.4 billion market in 2020.

As more cities legalise and encourage the use of electric scooters, should you also make the switch? If you are still not sure, here are 7 reasons to consider riding an electric scooter today!  

Reasons to Switch to Riding Electric Scooters

1. Make commuting better for the environment

One of the main reasons why more people are opting to ride electric scooters is their positive impact on the environment. Unlike cars and motorcycles, electric scooters don’t use a fuel engine, meaning they don’t produce any harmful gases. 

A study by shared e-scooter platform Lime found that Paris saved 330 tons of carbon emissions after implementing shared e-scooter schemes in the city for a year. Now that air pollution and climate change become increasingly important topics, make a more positive contribution by making eco-friendly travel choices.

So, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint when you commute, riding an electric scooter is one of the best ways to travel greener.

2. Bypass traffic easily

Riding electric scooters means that you no longer have to sit and wait in traffic. Since electric scooters are compact, they can zip through congested roads easily and bypass traffic.

Moreover, most electric scooters are not allowed on main roads, so riders can take alternative routes, dedicated lanes, or footpaths to commute. This means that you won’t get caught up in traffic, and there are fewer obstructions on the road. 

Commuting in Sydney takes an average of 71 minutes, but riding an e-scooter can cut this down significantly. Just be mindful of pedestrians and other vehicles while riding to keep you and others safe.

3. Save on transportation costs

Whether you will be riding a shared or personal electric scooter, you can save a lot on transportation costs. If you choose to buy an electric scooter, the initial price is significantly cheaper than a car. An average car in Australia costs $40,128, while electric scooters cost from $300 to $3000. 

Meanwhile, if you prefer to ride an electric scooter sharing system, unlocking an e-scooter costs $1 and around $0.40 per minute. Riding a shared e-scooter can be cheaper than public transportation, depending on the distance. Thanks to its affordability, 57 per cent of riders in Lime’s survey use shared e-scooters to go to work or school.

4. Spend less on maintenance

Although the initial price may not be affordable for many, it is significantly cheaper in terms of its value and maintenance. E-scooter owners don’t need to spend much on maintenance as there are fewer parts that might break down.

For comparison, Budget Direct says that car maintenance costs around $29.41 weekly in cities, which adds up to over $1,500 in a year. On the other hand, electric scooters don’t need regular maintenance or replacements. However, when you do, a damaged battery can cost from $150 to $500, depending on the model. Smaller parts may cost less. Ultimately, electric scooter maintenance will not cost you over $1500 in a year.

5. Say goodbye to parking

Thanks to their light and compact bodies, electric scooters don’t need to be parked outside. After all, you can simply fold, carry, and store them in small spaces, such as under desks or inside large cabinets. As cities become more congested, parking becomes valuable.

In addition, bringing your electric scooter with you at all times protects you and your e-scooter from theft. As e-scooter ridership increases in cities, e-scooter theft also increases. So, keep your e-scooter safe by bringing it inside your home or establishments, whenever possible. Finally, since parking is gone, you can also say goodbye to parking fees!

6. Explore the city conveniently

Electric scooters offer more freedom when it comes to exploring places, unlike cars and public transportation. For one, its small and slim build enables riders to go through narrow roads and other places where public transportation and cars can’t reach. 

In fact, a Lime survey in Washington, DC revealed that 72 per cent of the e-scooter riders surveyed say that they were able to visit more attractions and shops in the city due to the e-scooters. You can take the opportunity to explore the city after work or school since you have readily available personal transport. Overall, riding e-scooters is a fun and practical way to discover new places.

7. Get a few health benefits

One low-key benefit of riding electric scooters is their added health or physical benefits. You might be thinking: is riding an electric scooter an exercise? To some extent, yes! 

A study by the University of Brighton revealed that 30 minutes of riding an e-scooter at 4.6 mph (7.4 kph) helps burn around 150 calories. This is the same amount of calories burned when walking 30 minutes a day. Imagine how much more you can burn if you ride it for a longer period.

Aside from this, electric scooters also offer some form of physical activity and improvement. Even if you are just standing on an electric scooter, balancing and maneuvering the e-scooter helps develop your core. It also helps strengthen your muscles, such as your arms, shoulders, and legs. Finally, riding an e-scooter helps improve your balance, posture, and body coordination. You can gain all of these health benefits while riding an e-scooter.

Try an efficient, low-cost, and eco-friendly commuting solution

Ultimately, electric scooters offer a better way to travel, which benefits people and the environment. If more people adopt these new urban transport technologies, it could help resolve road congestion issues and environmental challenges. Try riding one today to help in building better and more sustainable urban transportation.