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There are a few very simple tips and criteria that go into making this decision. If you are looking for a dependable end of lease cleaning company, you should not have to brainstorm so much. This choice can be made a lot easier on your mind if you follow the tips given below. Let’s begin:

1. Find Out If They Are Fully Licensed

It is quite crucial to ask them whether they have a complete and valid working license or not. This will make it very easy and comfortable for you to hand over your rental premises to them. If they are fully insured and licensed, a lot of your stress just goes away within a matter of minutes.

2. Count The Excluded Services

There will be a few services that will be excluded from the whole cleaning package. There are a few standard cleaning services though that will be included in the checklist. Make sure that they clean your carpets, windows, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, and all other areas that will be inspected by your landlord. There might be a few areas such as your garage, the area underneath your shelves, and your sink that might be under the excluded services.

3. Pay Attention To Referrals

If you haven’t paid attention to what your friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues are saying about the bond cleaning company, it is time to do that. The best way to know about their reputation is to get some information from the people who have already used their services in the past. If they were able to impress them with their punctuality, professionalism, cleaning practices, and outcomes, they are quite likely to repeat history with your home as well.

4. What Is Their Criteria For Pricing?

The entire cleaning service will come at a price. You need to understand what their criteria are for pricing their services. The outcome must be able to justify the price that they are asking you to pay. The first thing that they should be able to ensure is that they can get your full bond money back. This is the only and probably the biggest reason that you are choosing an end of lease cleaning company in the first place.

5. Do They Clean Your Small Fixtures?

Many homeowners do not enquire with the home cleaning company about whether they are going to clean their small fixtures and fittings or not. You will have to pay attention to the cleaning process while it is happening to make sure that they clean every small fixture such as your lights, switches, ceiling fans, cupboards, shelves, cabinets, drawers, and other hard-to-reach areas.

6. Green Cleaning Solutions

You can readily say yes to a company that uses green cleaning solutions. Eco-friendly cleaning methods are always welcome because they do not leave your house smelling weird. There are no harmful chemicals or strange fumes and vapours that disturb you later on. No allergies and no reactions. This is why you should go for a company that uses only plant-based, organic, or eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

7. Count Their Total Experience

How can you forget to count the total experience of the bond cleaning company? If they are a genuine enterprise, they will be more than willing to disclose their total experience to you. You can also go through their certifications and talk to them about what their cleaning process is to understand whether they are capable of providing the service in the first place or not.


You are making a lot of effort to choose the best end of lease cleaning company in your city. Make sure to invite quotes from at least 5 companies before you make this decision. Compare them side-by-side before you sign any agreement.