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Before wearing a suit for a special occasion be sure that you are aware of the basic rules. Now, you might be wondering if there is any etiquette to carrying a suit. Yes, of course!

It starts from choosing the custom made suits and shirts style and goes till pairing it up with matching accessories. Also, a well-fitted suit makes an individual look great and feel comfortable.

Well, to help you out we have made a guide consisting of basic rules for wearing a suit. It will make you look well-dressed and gentlemanly.

Top 10 Basic Rules To Wear A Suit  

Are you ready to wear a suit for the special event? If so, then you need to know some important things. So, let’s have a quick review of important points that will enhance your appearance.

1. Necktie Length

If you have already chosen a custom suit and want to wear a necktie, then look after the length required. Sometimes you wear a tie but do not keep it too long or too short, otherwise it affects your appearance. So, we would suggest you select a tie that stretches to the top point of your belt.

2. Dark Color Tie Than Your Shirt

The basic rule of wearing a suit is a contrasting tie and shirt. So, choose a tie at least 2 or 3 shades darker than the shirt you are wearing. It makes the tie look graceful and unique. On the flip side, if you choose a necktie with a lighter shade than your shirt then it will look weird. In short, the shirt will seek the whole attention instead of a tie. So, selecting a dark shade tie allows you to improve the visual appeal of a suit.

3. Avoid Static Cling

As you know static cling attracts a lot of dust in a suit, so it affects the appearance and creates an unpleasant look. There is a solution- always rub a crumpled piece of aluminum foil or a dryer sheet onto the suit for neutralizing the static energy.

4. Consider Charcoal Color Suit

Black is a common color and is often used by men on many occasions. So, if you want to add some uniqueness then there are other dark color options too.

You can consider a charcoal color suit, it will look formal as well as unique. This color will make a great balance between formal and casual suits. Furthermore, a charcoal color suit provides you with appropriate attire that goes well on every occasion.

5. Handy Lint Roller

Usually, suits are more susceptible to hair and lint than your other outfits. No doubt, a suit looks very untidy if there is lint and hair on it.

So, carry a lint roller in your pocket to prevent creating a messy look for your suit. It will help you remove debris within a few seconds. Simply roll the roller over the suit and on a sticky surface, it will automatically pick up the dust particles. Make sure your roller is handy and easy to use to avoid more chaos.

6. Last Button Rule

Do you know there is a basic rule for the last button? Well, the last button of a suit is only for aesthetic purposes. So, keep it open which will give you a great appearance.

Don’t consider the total number of buttons in the jacket of your suit jacket. And always leave the last one unfastened. It will make you feel relieved and comfortable in the upper body. Also, it will not look awkward.

Furthermore, fastening the bottom button of your suit can rip the fabric while standing and sitting down.

Don’t choke yourself by buttoning up!

7. Use Hairdryer To Remove Minor Wrinkles

It’s not compulsory to drop your outfit at a dry cleaner, rather you can use a hair dryer for removing wrinkles. The heat of the dryer helps de-wrinkle the custom made suits and shirts without much hassle. Also, for a better finishing put a hot steam iron in your outfit.

8. Prefer Thin Pinstripes Suits

If you like pinstripes, then go for a bespoke suit that has narrow lines. Please don’t consider a suit with thick lines. Mostly in this pattern wide pinstripes really look awkward. Also, it distracts people and affects your appearance. To retain patterns in your suit, choose an oversized plaid pattern rather than others.

9. Consider Bespoke Suit

As you know ready-to-wear suits come in standard size and there are no chances of customization. It might not be possible to find an off-the-rack suit of your size.

However, choosing a bespoke suit fits every individual and creates a better impression. It allows you to tell your specifications to tailor and create the best-suited outfit.

10. Matching Trousers And Socks

You must wear trousers and socks of the same color. For example, if you are wearing maroon trousers then socks should be maroon. Matching the trouser and socks color will enhance your appearance. Also, it makes an individual look well-dressed and professional.

A Few Tips To Select Suit Fabric

Now, moving forwards let’s have a look over a few tips that will help you to choose the right fabric and suit style. Read on!

  • Make sure to select a fabric according to the occasion and time you are going to wear a suit. The best option is super 120 which is a durable, soft, and versatile fabric.
  • If you are opting for a custom suitthen check the fitting of the shoulders.
  • Choose a double-button, notched lapel jacket to get formal business attire.
  • For casual attire, a peak-lapel jacket and a single-button suit will be the best choice.
  • Opt for a subtle yet elegant suit design. Make sure it doesn’t look too party wear or more casual.

Last Words

If you like a well-fitted outfit then a custom suit is the best option. They are specially designed for individuals and it makes them look great.

Also, consider the above-listed points when you are deciding to wear a suit. To look perfect, make sure you follow the points listed in this article.

All the best!