by Martin Cooper

Businesses need rubber stamps for everyday tasks. You need a stamp to mark documents inward. When it travels from one section to another each section will stamp the document. You need stamps on important documents like agreements. Stamps come in useful to mark date and to create labels. You need normal stamps for routine use and custom stamps for use by executives and to create brand image. You may want multicolour stamp for special use and even large sized rocker stamps to print on cartons or to print notices. It helps if you have a single stamps Melbourne supplier from whom you can source all your requirements.

All brands at one place
Each brand has its specialty. Colop is known for its range of self inking date stamps. Shiny is known for its range of quality and affordable colourful stamps. Trodat is an excellent choice for high end multicolour stamps. Then there are normal everyday stamps. Your stamps Melbourne supplier can supply whatever type, size and variety you need by way of brands from the cheapest to the best.

Customising options
Given that custom stamps do not cost all that much more compared to normal stamps as in date stamps, for instance, there is no reason to not customise stamps. One benefit of having a single source of supply is that you can upload your custom design including your logo and company name in the font of your choice. Your stamp supplier will use that logo and font choice in whatever other stamps you order. You have uniformity in appearance of the impression. You do not have to redesign and submit the design each time. Your stamp supplier can do it for you.

Better rate
Become a regular customer of one supplier and procure all your stamps from the stamps Melbourne supplier. You get a better deal for the long term. Once you are regular you need not even pay in advance. You could be put on a monthly billing cycle that eases your finances and makes accounting easy. You could even order by phone and ask for urgent delivery. The supplier obliges because you are a regular customer.

Doorstep delivery
Once you are a regular buyer you can expect the stamp supplier to extend courtesies such as free expedited shipping right to your doorstep. You get a discounted rate and you save on shipping cost.

Flexibility and choices in brand promotion
Custom stamps and multicolour stamps help you to promote your brand indirectly. You can come up with creative ideas on using such stamps and the stamp supplier will recommend whether you should opt for such custom brand promoting stamps in various areas. You will be surprised at the possibilities.

Businesses develop vendors because they know they are getting a good product at a reasonable price and on time which helps them in their sales process. The stamp may not directly help but it does help to have a reliable and trusted stamps Melbourne vendor online.