by Daniel Clark

Planning a funeral is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is the method most people have adopted to say their final goodbye to a loved one. The best people to help with the arrangement and handing the finer details are the funeral directors in Melbourne eastern suburbs. Besides making all the arrangements include selecting the venue, flowers and dealing with other tasks like picking the ways to make it more personal with the help of music, videos, or photos there are several other factors that one needs to consider. This article explains how to plan a funeral and the various factors that affect it. It is a must-read for those seeking information on planning a funeral. 

Factors to Consider When Planning a Funeral

It is possible to leave the hard task of planning the funeral and making all the arrangements to the expert hands of a funeral director in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. However, there are several other factors involved which the close family members might need to take care of themselves. Listed here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Prepare a list of people who can attend the funeral being arranged for the deceased.
  • Some might prefer to keep it a closed affair and only invite very close friends and family; while others may wish to arrange an open funeral, where all those who wish to attend to say their goodbye can do so.
  • There are others who keep the cremation open only to close people while allowing an open invitation to a funeral arranged in a chapel or any other place.
  • Selecting the place of the funeral is one of the initial tasks when planning a funeral. Some of the common factors to consider when doing so include checking the religion of the deceased. If the deceased person was a religious person it might be a good idea to arrange it in a church for a Christian and any other relevant place as per the faith. On the other hand, others might have a unique preference regarding the venue.
  • It is quite common to bring flowers to a funeral however, it is for the organizer to decide whether or not they wish to accept flowers at the funeral. There is an option of considering donating to a charity instead. One way of doing this is to identify a charity that might be of significance to you and request the people to donate to it instead. There are many other alternatives to bring flowers if one does not prefer them.
  • One of the important tasks at a funeral is the readings. A reading takes place in the presence of all those who wish to grieve the passing of a loved one. It is a good method of bringing comfort to the minds of all the people. Thus it is a good idea to prepare the content for a reading well in advance; besides which there is also the option of allowing other people to contribute their own thoughts to the reading.
  • A funeral is a celebration of the life of a loved one. It can include many other elements like music the deceased person loved. This can be set to play in the background or there is also the option for arranging a special session for the same. Some other options include playing meaningful videos, arranging a presentation or showcasing a gallery of photos of the one who has died.
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