by Ashley Kinsela

If you are looking for a solution for your lawn or the outer space of your house, granite pavers could be your best option. Granite pavers are produced from natural Granite, an igneous stone created deep inside the ground by volcanic action. As the molten rock calmed millions of years ago, the minerals gradually solidified into a solid state. Granite has noticeable mineral inclusions. Quartz, feldspar, and mica are the minerals that are found the most frequently, and they are responsible for the structure, colour, and shine of the rock.

Physical appearance-

Pyrites are also typical inclusions, lending a glittering appearance with gold flecks. Variances in mineral composition and magma cooling rate contribute to variations in colour and particle size of granite pavers, features that distinguish each kind and piece.

Granite is one of the most complex and enduring rocks because it is created by great heat and pressure. It is resistant to weathering, can sustain high pressure and weight, and does not easily abrade. Furthermore, it may be polished in various ways to produce appealing, long-lasting, and safe surfaces.

Why Should You Purchase Granite Pavers?

Visitors, residents, and workers form initial impressions based on the look of your commercial establishment, residence, or public institution. The decorative style and aesthetics of a building’s approach, entryway, lobby, reception room, and corridors create a mood and ambiance that characterizes the institution.

Granite Features

Various features are utilized to evaluate Granite for outdoor pavement. Tests are performed in certified testing facilities under controlled settings to assess these features. It is possible that these tests will require a lot of time and money in order to collect the necessary information. It also resists discoloration since the surface does not absorb much moisture. Granite is also an extremely durable stone, withstanding surface wear and salt assaults.

Granite’s compressive strength is measured in mega pascals, which indicate the material’s capacity to withstand a load, which is crucial when architects, engineers, and designers choose stones for projects. It has several granite stones at Outdoor and General that meet or surpass the minimum construction specifications of 131 MPa.

It can assist you in selecting the perfect stone for your outdoor space and give suggestions on size and stone thickness. Granite pavers from Outdoor & General are outstanding, high-quality products with exfoliated and bush-hammered surfaces that meet the P5 standard.

5 Extensive Benefits of Granite Paving

Granite, one of the world’s oldest stones, was utilized by the Romans and Egyptians to build structures that still stand today. It was initially employed as courtyard covers in forts and castles by the royals.


The resistance of Granite against chipping, scratching, staining, and dampness determines its durability. Even in the toughest of climates, the durable pavers remain intact. As a result of these properties, Granite requires less upkeep.

Slip Resistant

Slip Resistant Granite pavers have a softly textured surface that makes them anti-slip and keeps you from slipping even when wet. Therefore, there is no other better option is available other than the granite pavers.

Un-rivalled aesthetics

Granite is famous due to its rugged appearance. Granite pavers’ natural beauty is otherworldly. They easily beautify your patios, walkways, driveways, or whatever location they are installed in since they may fit in with any surroundings. Granite pavers are an excellent alternative for formal outdoor spaces because of their neatness and beauty.

Resistant to Heat

Do you yearn for a picnic with friends and family in your backyard? Because of their heat resilience, granite pavers make this possible.

They are anti and entirely fireproof, which means they will never break! Even on the hottest days of summer, granite stays cool to the touch and isn’t dangerous to walk on. They are also useful in the event of and in the vicinity of flames. Prepare for the get-together, have fun eating barbeque, and entrust the rest to the Granite pavers.


Because of their flexibility, granite pavers are in high demand. Because of their robustness, they may be employed in any location and available in various colours with or without flaws. The colour spectrum spans tones from grey and black to red and beige, making it suitable for multiple applications.

Granite’s qualities mentioned above make it an excellent choice for pavers, outdoor flooring, kitchen countertops, and vanity slabs. The stone is unaffected by extreme temperatures, dampness, or physical wear and tear.

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