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When it comes to the rare gems that holds a special value and stunning properties, one cannot forget the name Larimar. It is a rare blue-coloured variety of Silicate mineral pectolite that is only found in Dominican Republic. It is because of this reason that the stone is found in limited quantity which makes it quite rare to find easily.

The Calming Appearance

The Genuine Larimar Crystal has certain white coloured band over its surface with different tones of light blue, green blue, to deep blue and is generally opaque in appearance. The calming blues of the crystal helps a person to stay focused and happy-minded. It enables us to get free from the rest of the worries.

One gaze on this crystal reminds of looking at the Caribbean Sea from which it is often compared because of its resembling white fog over a surface of calming blue. Generally, this blue color is a result of the presence of copper in its composition.

How does the rarity of a gemstone jewelry define?

The rarity of any gemstone jewelry is totally dependent on the availability of the crystal studded with the jewelry. The more limited availability of the crystal results in its higher demand which further increases its value. Larimar Jewelry is one such highest sought rare accessories that is famed among various gemmologists. Since the crystal is only restricted to a very small region from where it can be extracted, it is one of the reasons why it is highly valuable and rare.

Another aspect that contributes to increasing the value of a gem is the process involved with the extraction of that stone. If the extractions process costs higher then obviously the end value associated with it would increase.

Uniqueness in itself

Real Larimar crystal is formed in the most natural settings in environment under a series of various volcanic transformations. This natural process results in natural imperfections in the original state of the crystal and a variety od shades of blue in every piece that is extracted.

With all the imperfections comes a quality of uniqueness that is embedded with each crystal that you adore for yourself. You will never find two crystals to be alike with similar properties, making a promise of adding uniqueness to your jewelry collection.


The thought about how wearable a particular crystal is will define its involvement in our day-to-day lifestyle. There is always a question about the maintenance and proper care associated with any accessory you’re choosing to include to your wardrobe.

The Larimar Ring or any other accessory could easily be included to your daily accessories as it ranges from 5-7 on the Mohs scale of Hardness that is an ideal range for any gem to take up a few knocks that comes on daily basis.

Another question which might arise in the mind is regarding the color of the stone and will it fade with time if used on daily basis. With this stone, you can easily rely on that the color won’t fade with time. If exposed in prolonged direct sunlight, it might result to certain damages in coloration, but mild sunlight and casual outings affect no harm to the stone.

Care and purchasing

Whether you intend on purchasing any gemstone jewelry, you need to carefully take care of your crystals and need to clean them from time-to-time. These crystals are associated with various healing properties, and they absorb a lot of negative energy from the environment in order to protect you. Thus, it is essential to properly cleanse them and activate them to maintain their positive vibrations.

Also, always purchase your jewelry from an authentic gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier that guarantees and provides you with all the exact information associated with the accessory.

This was all about the Dominican Republic stone that is extremely rare and valuable and helps you stand out perfectly from the crowd when worn in the form of jewelry. Grab your favourite Larimar collection today.