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Wi-Fi smart switch has a similar way of working as a regular switch, it just turns on and off the light. But these devices have more advanced features that amp up your home and lets you have remote control over your lighting system. These devices help maintain a stable connection even if the electricity goes off, which saves your appliances in case of electricity failure. You may not be able to reach switches every time you want to turn on/off the light, smart switches have made your work easy for you. Control your home devices with these smart switches and make your daily tasks easier.


How do smart light switches contribute to your convenience?

With the rapid advancement in technology, more innovations are introduced that are making our life more convenient than ever. Just like other smart home devices, smart lights are designed to add convenience to our lives. You can control a smart wall switch anywhere anytime with a voice command or your smartphone app.


Features of smart lighting system

A smart power switch has a lot of exceptional features that work seamlessly to make your life easier.

  • Remote Control: The main component of these smart lights is that you can control them from anywhere in the house, or when you are away. It can happen that you are getting late for work and forgot to turn off the lights in rush. Now you don’t have to worry about the light being turned on for the whole day, you can turn them off with your smartphone app. These gadgets are not just limited to lights, but you can control other appliances as well that use a switch to operate such as television, AC, fridge, or more. You can also turn them on with the help of an app when you return from work so you do not have to look for switches in the dark.
  • Time-based operations: You can use the time-based operation feature to control smart switches. For example, you sleep while reading a book and the lights are left on. You can schedule the system to turn off at the time of your sleep, making it easier for you to sleep without the need of getting up and turning off the lights or using a smartphone to control them.
  • Geofencing feature: Geofencing is a great feature that works according to the location of the user. By enabling a geofencing feature, your smart switches will work accordingly. For example, after you leave home for work, you can set that the lights should turn off automatically, or before you return home the lights should turn on, this way you don’t have to control switches manually.
  • Create different scenes: You can customize the settings of different devices that are linked to smart switches such as turn on the television, AC and also make adjustments to the brightness level of lights to create a perfect scene for your work, movie, or any other work. The plus point is that you do not have to create scenes every time you want to work or relax, the smart app stores all of your preferred requirements, and the devices work accordingly. If the user no longer needs a created scene or wants to make changes in the existing scene it can be easily done via the smart app. You can create dynamic schedules such as create a custom setting for one switch and a different one for the other, the devices will work perfectly without interruption.
  • Voice Control: If you have smart home devices, you must e using virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These virtual assistants make your work ten times easier and help you have an automated system. Smart switches can be used with these virtual assistants to control the on and off action. If you are away from your phone and want to turn on any application, simply ask the assistant to do it and your job is done. To be able to use voice command you must connect your smart switches, app, and virtual assistants in a network and you can start using the voice command feature. These devices are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems and related apps can be easily installed from the application store.
  • Other features: Other than creating scenes, these smart home switches provide you the facility of managing your light brightness, you can view energy consumption and statistics level. One may prefer bright lights and one may like to sit in low-ambient light to be able to complete work or concentrate on a task, with these smart home switches everything is made possible. You can set up a budget in the app, and it will show you how much each connected switch is consuming and how close you are to exceed your budget. This way you can manage your costs and conveniently reduce your expenses.


Is buying a smart switch for your home a good choice?

Smart home devices are becoming popular and will become the future of home automation. Being able to control all of your home devices with a smartphone or voice command feels like a luxury. With the help of a smart dimmer switch protect your appliances from electricity failure and you can also integrate them with

advanced setups. These smart lighting systems help you create dynamic schedules

and streamlines your daily tasks. It would be great to monitor your device’s

energy consumption and you will be able to save money. A smart lighting system

increases the value of your home in front of others when you can create scenes,

set brightness levels, and do many more tasks with help of a virtual assistant.


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