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Wire installation is always a tricky job. You can create the perfect cable management system only when you possess the appropriate cable installation tools. A pair of hands is always the most important tool to execute the job. But the process of cable installation is complex, and you cannot perform the entire procedure without suitable tools.

To be confident about the cable installation, you must be equally confident in knowing and using the tools necessary for the purpose.

Pullers And Other Tools

Pulling the heavy cables can be frustrating and tiring at the same time. The process is going to be difficult if you don’t have a few members on the team. If you are doing the job in a larger space and have lots of wires to pull, you can use a cable puller, which is one of the many popular cable installation tools these days.

  • Cable pullers are simple but highly effective in pulling out heavy cables.
  • Pulling straps are good at gripping the wires and preventing tangling of the cables.

But it all depends on the kind of job you need to do and the level of assistance necessary for the purpose.

Tubing Cutters And Conduit Benders

If you have tried to bend a pipe, you know well that it is not an easy task. So, you can check out the websites of the popular cable supplies. A variety of benders and cutters are available now in the market as the most efficient cable installation tools.

  • Handheld benders are great for small jobs, but you cannot use them for your industrial manufacturing unit.
  • These are standard tools, but there are numerous varieties available. You need to buy the right one after considering the purpose for which you are purchasing the tool.
  • Mobile conduit benders are good for moving the units between the jibs without wastage of energy or time.

You can also get the benders that usually have easy-to-read benchmark symbols. The use of such tools is convenient even if you don’t have expertise in the job.

Rods and Fish Sticks

You must be hearing a lot about the telescopic poles, and you are right to buy them as these are critical cable installation tools. The cables do not come out of the wall, making it easy for you to pull. Instead, you must detect the wire ends and grip them to pull the wires out of the wall. Telescoping poles allow you to reach the places where you cannot normally reach out for the cables.

The fish sticks go a long way in routing the different types of cables through the crawl spaces, in walls, between joists, or over the ceiling. The telescoping rods and fish sticks combine to form a perfect tool for channeling the cables.

Attaching The Cables

From lighting up the Christmas tree to handling more serious electrical jobs, the cable installation tools are always useful while attaching the cables to different fixtures like beams, ceilings, and walls.

  • Manual staple guns are convenient to use and are great with large wires.
  • Automatic guns can help maintain mobility with lesser accessories in the toolbox. These tools reduce hand fatigue.

Choose Your Accessories

Now, there are several companies selling tools that are good for cable installation. If you think that you can manage the installation process independently by using these cable installation tools, then you can do so.

But for complex electrical jobs, it is better to call professional electricians. They will carry commercial category tools that sometimes can be the ones you already have in your toolkit. The only difference will be in the skillset of using the tools.