by Amelia Varley

The bathroom is where you shut the world out and get some me time! It is where you relax and reflect, wash away the stress and kindle your creative mind. It is an experience in itself! Thus, it is important that the bathroom in your house is designed in an exquisite manner. This is where the importance of beautiful bathroom vanities comes in.  These are the areas where the basin is placed, and the storage cabinets surround it. Needless to say, the elements need to be aesthetically superior and of high utilitarian value. After all, these bathroom vanities add up to what makes your house pretty and cozy. They reflect your lifestyle and undoubtedly have a lasting impact on guests.

You probably utilize your restroom vanity on various occasions each and every day. Cleaning your teeth, shaving, putting on cosmetics, cleaning up… incalculable hours of your life are spent before this sink-ledge mix. Be that as it may, what amount thought have you really given to your vanity? Assuming you’re similar to most property holders, the appropriate response is likely very little. Require only a couple of moments to help your insight with these intriguing realities about washroom vanities!

Designing Your Bathroom Vanity

Come Up With a Layout

Decide How Many Sinks You Will Add

Select Your Preferred Style

Choose the Right Countertop

Benefits of Using Beautiful Bathroom Vanities

  1. Picturesque View: Installing vanities inside a bathroom enhances its visual appeal. Cabinets, flower vases, and other elements of beauty placed with the right color combination, offer a picturesque effect that soothes the eyes and unwinds the mind. However, it is important to remember that vanity is effective only when the elements are connected to each other effectively.
  2. Coherence: One important aspect of having beautiful bathroom vanities is it adds up to the coherence of the interior of the house. Coherence basically keeps the systematic fervor of the house intact. To achieve this, vanities should be in accordance with the size of the bathroom. Beautiful bathroom vanities come in different sizes and designs. The sizes may range from as small as 18 inches to more than 70 inches. The designs include Single Sink Vanities, Double Sink Vanities, Corner Bathroom Vanities, Floating Bathroom Vanities, Freestanding Bathroom Vanities and Build to Fit.
  3.  Treat for Guests: Beautiful bathroom vanities not only impart grandeur to your bathroom, but also reflect your refined taste and personality. Above all, they have the power to welcome your guests and make them feel at home. Thus, it is important to have a bathroom that’s quintessentially luxurious. While hygiene is a priority, beautiful vanities make a mark as well. They add up to your home’s art décor and please the people who visit you.

Beautiful bathroom vanities come in different shapes, sizes and colors. These vanities are made up of different materials and it depends on the owner to choose the elements according to the size of the bathroom, the color combination, and design. Choose wisely!  And don’t forget to wear a mask when removing tiles and other construction debris. Mark from Canberra Diamond Blade reminds us that “when demolishing any part of your home you need to protect your health by wearing a P2 mask. You don’t want to be accidentally exposed to asbestos or silica dust.”