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Carmakers have always relied on the latest technology to change the car keys. Reaching out to a professional locksmith in Brisbane Southside can be highly beneficial. There have been significant changes in how car keys work in recent times.

The introduction of digital car keys has been a groundbreaking technology. According to a locksmith in brisbane city, a keyless fob will allow the users to lock, unlock and start the car using digital keys.

How can keyless fobs help?

The introduction of keyless fobs will help in easing a lot of functions. If you have a fob, you will need to carry the physical key. However, with digital car keys, things have become a lot easier. Users will be able to unlock the car using their smartphones.

Apple had announced the launch of Apple CarKey with the introduction of iOS 13 and 14. There are chances that the same concept will be expanded to iOS 15.

Automotive digital keys require trust and convenience

One of the main concerns of using digital keys is trust and convenience. The commercial locksmith in Brisbane suggests that people should use digital car keys with complete trust.

The digital car keys have been designed in such a way that it helps to keep up with the highest level of security. When using these, you need to ensure that your vehicle and smartphone device is connected. Therefore, to establish a connection, you will need a digital ID.

The use of digital keys helps ensure maximum security for both your smartphone and vehicle with the help of digital IDs. As a result, the users can identify the digital and mutual authentication via the encryption mechanism.

Bluetooth connectivity helps with Ultra-Wideband connection. As a result, the driver will be able to lock, unlock and start his car even when he is not physically present in front of the vehicle, and they can use their mobile for this purpose. As a result, the driver no longer needs to carry those heavy keys as long as he has everything enabled on his smartphone.

The digital keys also feature the function of opening a trunk seamlessly. eCommerce giants can, however, adopt this technology to receive all the benefits.

How can you use Apple CarKey?

It would help if you chose a key compatible with your Apple Watch or iPhone. However, it would help if you determine which vehicle the key would be compatible with. The service’s main aim is to lock, unlock, and start the car. However, the launch of iOS 15 will be helpful for this purpose. Apple is, however, working on popularising the concept of digital car keys.

When you get an Apple CarKey, make sure to secure it in the Apple Wallet, similar to the Apple Pay method. When you hold the device closer to the handle of the door, the Apple CarKey will implement the NFC feature that will help secure your car and device.

It is only when the Car Key recognises your door, will it be unlocked. Therefore, before you start the car, you need to ensure that you have followed the authentication process properly. However, the use of Ultra-Wideband technology can come in handy during this situation, especially for the use of location information.

What vehicles share compatibility with Apple CarKey?

One of the most asked questions is which vehicles will be compatible with the Apple CarKey. According to an emergency locksmith in Brisbane, you need to determine proper compatibility to receive results. BMW5 Series is hailed to be compatible with Apple Carkey.

As of 2020, the NFC version of the Apple CarKey will also be available on the other eight versions such as X5, X6, X5M, X7, Z4s and X6M.

BMW and the latest technology of Apple go hand-in-hand. Therefore, BMW was the first company to come out in support of its wireless CarPlay technology of Apple. Tesla has also integrated the Ultra-Wideband technology. However, as of now, only BMW has announced the use of Apple CarKey.

What is the future of Digital Car keys?

According to Brisbane Automotive Locksmith professionals, digital car keys can also be the future. Almost all the tech giants are working on providing extensive support and security using digital car keys. Many companies have already launched their digital car keys.

With time, digital car key technology is becoming more common. Although many companies address their concerns, they are also working on solving the problem. Some problems that can arrive are hacking risks, forgotten phones and dying batteries. Nonetheless, the use of digital car keys will help keep up with the insurance costs in the future.


The use of digital car keys comes with secure driver authentication, and most of these follow a Live Face Identification System that can help keep up with the digital ID check process. Relying on professional locksmiths in Brisbane Southside like Brisbane Automotive Locksmith can prove to be extremely beneficial. However, you need to conduct proper research about the property to receive all the benefits.