by liam

There are many different types of chairs that are marketed to dentists, but saddle chairs stand out from the crowd because they put less pressure on your back and spine. When you’re working as much as a dentist does, it’s important to give your body every advantage you can, so you can work longer without pain or fatigue and prevent back injuries in the long run.

Let us discuss one study which was to see if the saddle seat provided a lower ergonomic risk than conventional seats in dentistry. The review gave adequate proof that saddle seats gave lower ergonomic risk than conventional seats in the analysed population of dental studies.

One of the techniques for checking ergonomic dangers is the Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) of this audit. In this strategy, the locations of individual body fragments were noticed and evaluated.

In this review, the ergonomic risk was surveyed using conventional and saddle seats. The outcomes showed a middle-to-high score for ergonomic risk in using the conventional seat, which is predictable with different investigations. This study shows proof that saddle seats give lower ergonomic risk than conventional seats in the analysed population of dental professionals.

Here are some reasons why saddle chairs are better for dentists than traditional chairs.

1. Mobility is a breeze

Saddle chairs are easy to move around and can fit into even tight corners. This means you’ll be able to reach all of your tools without any hassle, which is especially important if you’re a dentist who needs quick access to instruments during procedures. 

With most traditional dental chairs, it’s hard to get out of them when you need to grab something from behind or above them. But with saddle chairs, that won’t be an issue at all!

2. The armrests help you stay focused

The armrests on your saddle chair can help you maintain a natural posture while you’re working. Plus, they’ll give you a place to rest your arms and wrists if they start to feel tired or sore. Without an armrest, your wrists are going to be in an awkward position that could cause damage over time.

If your arms aren’t resting on something, chances are they’ll start to feel sore and fatigued throughout the day. An armrest gives you a comfortable place for them to rest without causing unnecessary stress on your body.

3. They are ergonomically friendly

The saddle chair gives the normal postural benefits. It maintains an upright stance. It keeps the pelvis in a good position, limiting the strain on the spine. The knees are situated lower than the hips, creating an adjusted position.

Saddle chairs provide the proper support for lowering back pain and maintaining proper blood flow. While the sitter’s feet are put level on the floor, the heaviness of the legs is taken through the feet, which permits better adjustment in the upper body.

Your back and shoulders will love having some relief from aches and pains throughout your day when you utilize them!

4. No fear of overhanging arms

This is an obvious advantage to utilizing a saddle chair. When sitting in a traditional chair, there’s always that slight fear that your arms will get in over their head and crash through into your patient’s mouth. With a saddle-style, ergonomic chair, those fears are all but eliminated.

You don’t have to worry about side panels getting into your way because you aren’t resting them on anything! That can only lead to more comfortable chairs for dentists and even better dental care for patients. J

5. Wide range of colours and styles to choose from

Saddle chairs come in a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. There’s no limit to how your chair can look and be as unique as you are. With different colour combinations, you are bound to find something that suits your tastes or even matches your office decor perfectly. Most importantly, you can rest assured that when it comes to making an aesthetic choice with saddle chairs, there’s little doubt about where your seat is coming from.

6. They look great in any setting!

Make your office look more professional and your clients feel more comfortable. If you are a dentist looking for something that is going to look great in any setting, you can’t go wrong with saddle chairs. They have a classic design that is modern and looks great in a traditional or modern office space. They also come in different colours and styles so you can choose one that matches your decor while still giving it a unique style of its own.

Finally, the advantages of saddle chairs for dentists are numerous. From lower back pain relief to improved productivity, it is a chair that is better for their health and work ethic. If you are interested in improving your dental office, look into purchasing some saddle chairs. Not only will you reduce costs and increase health, but your customers will feel more comfortable as well.

Ask your dental supplier about them or do some research on these excellent ergonomic devices. You’ll find many great options that come in different styles and price ranges so there’s sure to be one to fit every budget and preference. Either way, they should improve life in all aspects of both personal health and business efficiency!