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Looking to buy natural skin care but not sure if online is the best way to purchase? Let’s look at the benefits of shopping for natural skin care products online as well as some of the drawbacks, so you can make an informed choice that suits your style of shopping.

Why More People are Buying Natural Skin Care through Online Stores

Statistics tell us that purchasing skincare products online has increased dramatically since 2014.

Part of the reason more people are now buying online is due to the lockdown of businesses and restrictions placed on physically shopping in recent years. With options to shop in store now more widely available again, a large percentage are still preferring to buy their skin care online.

Here are our top 5 benefits people derive from making their natural skin care purchases online:

    1. Convenience

Say goodbye to battling traffic, car spaces and crowds to shop for your favourite natural skin care. With just a bit of searching and a few clicks, your natural skin care products can be delivered right to your door.

Online shopping also allows you to purchase your skin care beauty products any time of the day or night. You’re not restricted by the opening hours of a physical store and certainly, the powerful Botani natural skin care range is available at your fingertips.

Click to shop can be ideal if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have a lot of time to get out and purchase your natural skin care.

Convenience is taken a step further as you can also seek advice online as to the best natural skin care for you, by chatting with customer service from the online store.

    2. Availability of your natural skin care products

When you venture out to shop for your most loved natural skin care products in-store, you may not know if your specific product is in stock. If you leave empty handed you’ll then need to find and travel to the next nearest store in hope you can purchase what you need.

Alternatively, most online stores will tell you if the item you want is in stock or if stock is low. Some websites also indicate availability on a per-store basis.

If your natural skin care products are out of stock at the online store where you normally purchase, you can purchase from another retailer without spending a lot more time.

    3. Price Comparison

Prior to online shopping, it would have been necessary to ring stores or drive to each store to find a price you are comfortable to pay for your natural skin care. That has now changed with your ability to Search and browse online.  Nowadays you have the facility to price shop quickly and easily with visuals of the products you are interested in, their ingredients, size and package options.

    4. Choice of Stores

Local has now turned global. You can now order from just about anywhere in the world which gives you the option to purchase natural skin care products that have the powerful ingredients you would like.

    5. Reviews, Discount Coupons and Free Shipping Options

If you’re not sure if a product is for you, then it’s easy to find reviews and recommendations on skincare. This will help you with your skin type and product matching.

It takes precious time to drive and purchase your natural skin care products and many people forget to equate that time, is money. Many online stores offer coupons or free shipping on orders over a specified amount so you’re saving time and receiving a discount making it an extremely economical way to shop.

Botani coupons and shipping discounts are one way we like to look after our customers, so check regularly to see what offers are available to you. Even better still, subscribe to find out when we have offers on some of Australia’s best natural skin care.

Why you might still want to purchase your natural skincare in-store.

It’s true that some of us may choose to shop in-store and combine that with buying online at other times. We still have that option to do either with many skincare retailers.

These are our top 5 reasons why online shopping may not be for you:

  1. Some people like to shop local and enjoy the experience of physically shopping and browsing whilst out and about. With concerns by some consumers that the option to shop on-site at a retailer may one day be removed, some customers will continue to physically shop rather than only buy online.
  2. When you purchase directly in-store, there’s no delay in obtaining your product. However when buying online, shipped items can occasionally be delayed or lost.
  3. Skincare product reviews are sometimes fake or not accurate if they are unverified.
  4. There is a possibility of fraud based on fake websites being created.
  5. If you purchase your products outside of your local area, returns can be more time consuming should the need arise.

The Botani Natural Skin Care Online Shopping Experience

Here at Botani, we have taken great care to ensure your shopping experience with us is not just a good one, but a fantastic, easy one.

Everything we do at Botani, is with you in mind.

Here’s the top reasons people shop for their natural skin care product at Botani.

     1. Customers Love our Natural Skin Care

Our products contain powerful ingredients that have been carefully researched and that assist in keeping your skin looking and feeling young. People see and feel the difference when using Botani.

     2. Easy to Use Website

We have made it easy to browse our website and find the information you need. Choosing your favourite Botani products or re-ordering is easy with our checkout process.

You can shop by range, product, concern you have or skin type.

     3. Verified Reviews

The natural skin care product reviews you see on our website are from verified buyers. You’re getting real ratings and reviews. We are pleased to say that our customers are loving the results and we believe you will too.

     4. Customer Support

Have a question or need some expert advice? Our team are here to help you choose the right skin care based on the information you provide. We support you all the way through the buying process; if and when you need us.

Whether you choose to shop in store or online, we know your skin will love the Botani natural skin care products.


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