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After knowing the benefits of Indonesian cuisine, many people are looking for the best indonesian restaurant in hobart. Yes, oh! If you are not aware of those things, then continue reading to know about them. This cuisine includes various types of fresh herbs, onions, and many healthy ingredients so, talking them boosts your immune system, protein & mineral level. Apart from this, you get a chance to taste the most delicious food and that also smells good. Why are still waiting? Get ready to enjoy these benefits, search for the highly-rated and reviewed Indonesian restaurant in Hobart. This extensive guide filters and covers the outstanding restaurants available on the internet. Let’s get started.

Vanidol’s North Hobart 

This restaurant is serving successfully for everyone since 2016 and provides various types of Asian cuisines. That includes Thai, Indonesian, etc, their chef is Sumana, who moved from Thailand and started to serve customers in Northern Hobart. She loves being friendly with everyone and warmly welcomes the customers. Her recipes are very unique because every single item is from her origin that’s the reason this place stands outs from others and still maintains 5-star ratings consistently. So, visit this best indonesian restaurant in hobart to enjoy some delicious & juicy meat and farm–fresh vegetables.


Address – Elizabeth Street, North Hobart – 7000

Phone – 03 6234 9307

Website – 

Email –

Opening Hours – Monday to Thursday – 5:30 to 9:30, Friday & Saturday – 5:30 to 10:30, and Sunday 5:30 to 21:30 


New Items – Satay Chicken Wrap, Hotplate Sizzling (Chicken, Pork, Or Beef), Green Curry Fried Rice (Chicken, Pork, Or Beef), Sea Food Hot Plate Sizzling, Crispy Roasted Duck, And Sea Food Green Curry Fried Rice

Chef Recommendation – Vanidols Famous Duck Wrap, Famous Vegan Duck Wrap, Rose Golden, Sesame Duck, Caramel Pork

Entrée – Ying & Yang, Fresh Spring Rolls, Thai Beef Salad, Guri Pak, Ph Piah Toh, Tod Mun Pla, Namtok, Crying Tiger, Larp Gai Yang, Sandy Cave Quids, Entrée Platter

Soups – Yom Yum Goong, Gai Noodle Soup, Laksa Seafood, Or Gai

Main – Mu Grop, Yum Yai Vegan Lover, Pla Nung Manao, Pla Nung King, and Yum Seafood Salad

Curries – Geang Mussaman Nuer, Rending Beef, Bali Ayam, Veggie Green Curry, Veggie Reddy Curry, Sea Food Red & Green Curry

Work Work – Pad Kraprow, Pad Prik Prow, Pad Kimau, Pad Cha, Pad Kratium Prik Thai


This is the best indonesian restaurant near me and I am their regular customer. They serve mixed dishes of Asian cuisines and every item I ordered is authentic and yummy. With friendly staff and good hostility, you can sense the culture of Indonesia in this place. For sure, as always I will prefer visiting Vanidols to enjoy every bite and all your signature dishes.

– Liam Gordon

Kaki Lima Indonesian Street Food 

Kaki Lima Indonesian Street Food is the best Indonesian shop in Hobart. They serve authentic Indonesian soups, rice, and grilled side dishes. You can only taste such kinds of traditional dishes in Indonesia but, this shop owner provides traditional street food items in Australia. Don’t miss this opportunity, get ready pack your bags for Hobart and enjoy Asian flavors in every bite. In addition, Kaki Lima street food serves different varieties of dishes for reasonable costs that’s why they are always on the top list.


Address – hobart, australia

Phone – no information, check their social media handles and websites

Website –

Email –

Opening hours – not available


Soups – Aromatic Chicken Noodle Soup, Meatballs Noodle Soup, Veggie Curry Noodles Soup

Coconut Rice Dishes – Grilled Chicken Rice & Grilled Fish Rice, Grilled Chicken, And Fish


This is the first time I am trying Indonesian street food, really juicy and luscious with many herbs and Asiatic species. Love these flavors and their grilled chicken and soup are highly recommended, I will surely come again to feed my Indonesian food carvings. – Olivia Jamey

Final Thoughts 

You explored highly-rated and the best indonesian restaurant in hobart. Definitely, these places give you a divine feeling and satisfy your Indonesian food cravings. Make sure you visit these places with your family and ask them to rate the dishes. It strengthens your bond, you can witness a brighter grin, and create a lasting memory for a lifetime.

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