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Vacations are a beautiful thing to create memories that the best Nepalese restaurant in Perth is essential for huge happiness. Spending quality time with friends and family in a special place creates immense pleasure. Planning candlelight dinners or other fire camps adorns your loved ones and makes them fall for you. In addition, ordering some unique and mouth-watering foods with diverse cuisines soothes your soul. There are plenty of cuisines availing and each stands for their specific taste. In that instance, giving a try for healthy Nepalese cuisine is a far better idea to get mesmerized by yummy choices.

Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant & Café

Himalayan Nepalese is the destiny to try all the amazing cuisines. They founded their restaurant in Australia with the motive of introducing new flavours for the taste of locals. Meanwhile, their versatile dishes make the customer experience more freshness and relaxation in their mind and soul. They even cater for different events such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events and many more. Without delay, search for a Nepalese restaurant near me to find the exact location and plan to celebrate your special occasions.


Momo, Pakora, Chilli Chicken, Samosa, Chara Sandeko, Chara Ko Sekuwa, Chara Ko Prikar, Khasiko Ko Prikar, Beef Ko Parikar, Jhaneka Kura Haru, Sabjee Ko Prikar, Bhuja Ko Prikar, Masu Ko Tandro, Panner Chilli, Machha Tareko


634 Stirling Hwy, Mosman Park WA 6012
Phone: (08) 6161 2290


“So far the Best Nepalese Restaurant in Perth and Nepalese food I ever had. Large portion sizes and tremendous choices of most delicious foods.  It is a family-friendly restaurant with the most warm and friendly services. I always highly recommend this Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant” – Bud Ranasinghe

Himali Gurkha

Himali Gurkha since availing in the year 1995 extremely to render authentic Nepalese taste for all the Australian culture. The owners of this restaurant believe that bringing Nepalese foods to Australia makes people enjoy something unique and delicious. With their experience of more than two decades in the industry, they commit to delivering high-quality foods with a unique and flavorful taste for each and every one. Find whether this Nepalese restaurant is near me or not, to enjoy different varieties of items of Nepalese cuisine.


Shitan, Chara Ko Parikar, Beef Ko Parikar, Khasi Ko Parikar, Goat Ko Parikar, Macha Ko Parikar, Sabji Ko Parikar, Bhuja Ra Roti Ko Parikar, Salads, Lentils, Soups, Pickles


17 Kearns Cres, Ardross WA 6153
Phone: (08) 9364 5340


“One of my first experience for the Nepalese foods that stands beyond my expectations. Attentive and dedicated staff with friendly approach. It is one of the bustling place where the locals enjoy this destiny so happily. Well priced and things that we ordered are extremely delightful and makes the day delectable”. –Steph Johnson.

Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurant

It is the one-stop food solution to offer you a plethora of Nepalese cuisines. Further, the name of this restaurant comes with honouring Gurkhali soldiers who fought in the British war. With their name, eating the dishes offers everyone physical strength, a strong mind, happy soul for the people who wish to try this once. Apart from this, they also hold laid-back dining space that welcomes every customer of all ages and also it is one of the best Nepalese restaurant in Perth to enjoy a wide range of items.


Raita, Kachumber Salad, Kukhurako Choyla, Khasiko Choyla, Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Pakora, Chicken Lollipop, Chilli Chicken, Chicken Momo, Tandoori King Prawns, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Poleko, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Sekuwa, Eggplant Masala, Bombay Aloo, Saag Aloo, Aloo Govi, Jhaneko Dal, Saag Paneer, Paneer Makhni, Paneer Chilli, Ghinghe Machha Bhuteko, Prawns Curry, Fish Masala, Beef Vindaloo, Beef Madras


4/5 Adalia St, Kallaroo WA 6025
Phone: (08) 9307 1533


“I have tasted some couple of meals here, which was extremely tasty. With my wife last time I had Momo Chicken dumplings, Gurkha special chicken gravy, Chicken briyani, along with some Garlic nan bread. Each and every dish of them was more delicious. Both curries and Biriyani holds the delicious taste with decent flavors of the spices. Will definitely come back for this outstanding restaurant” – Kelly Slattery

Khukuri Nepalese Restaurant

It is one of the must-try restaurants in the town. They serve you high-standard foods along with a friendly atmosphere. Opens for seven days a week, and freshly prepares some unique foods each day. It is one of the perfect destinations and the Best Nepalese Restaurant in Perth to taste Nepalese cuisine in Western Australia.

Whether you want to dine in or grab anything special for takeaway, you surely get the perfect food experience here. They show you that customer satisfaction is one of their topmost priority. For ensuring fresh and satisfying foods, you should stop in the Nepalese restaurant.


Nepalese cuisines, Dine-in, Takeaway, Delivery, unique desserts, Chilly chicken momos, Chicken bread balls and many more.


11/6 Blackwattle Parade, Padbury WA 6025
Phone: (08) 9402 7755


“Great restaurant to taste Nepali food with excellent customer services. Here only I tasted the most delicious chicken momos that remains behind expectations. Highly impressed and I visit this sight more often and often and is the best nepalese restaurant near me” – Namita.

Tasty Momo Restaurant Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

If you looking for authentic Nepalese cuisine, there is no other better option because it is the Best Nepalese Restaurant in Perth. This 30-seated restaurant in Perth surely makes you taste the utmost best foods. You can only taste here the top quality food items at an affordable range. If any events are coming up, then discuss with the catering team for best choices. Whether you require indoor or outdoor catering services, you can get the best solutions for you!


Nepalese cuisines, chicken momos, chilly chicken recipes, Tandoor prawns, chicken bread balls, chicken sandwiches, beef curry, fish curry, spicy prawns, prawn tandoori, Bombay aloo, Aloo Guvi, fish masala and many more dishes.


59C Walter Rd W, Dianella WA 6059
Phone: (08) 6114 6708


“Had tandoori chicken and momos, which remains extremely delicious choice! It is highly recommendable and makes you enjoy the top notch cuisines” – Sukh Kaur

Final Thoughts

Browse for the perfect Nepalese restaurant near me to try all the impressive food items in the restaurants. Spend the family time together and have great memories with your family members. Only good food can make your mood and soul so soothing.

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