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The use of mobile devices is on the rise and the pandemic has only accelerated the rate of rise in mobile sales. Several statistics suggest that there was a sharp increase in the sales of smartphones in the Australia, USA, India and several other countries during the pandemic. Thus, It makes sense for businesses to also take advantage of this and develop a mobile app for their firm. It also makes sense to find a good firm for mobile app development to help it stand out.

It is not uncommon for firms to outsource their software development requirements to other countries, especially since it is hard to find an affordable firm in Melbourne. But there are a few, Vrinsoft being one of them. This article provides more information on the technologies for developing mobile applications. 

Popular Technologies & Languages for Mobile App Development

Android and iPhone are the two main platforms for mobile app development. Businesses have the option of developing apps for these platforms or opting for a single app using the cross-platform development method. Listed here are some of the popular technologies & languages:

  • Swift: Swift is the optimal language to select for developing a native iOS application. It is a feature-rich language and is ideal for developing powerful applications.
  • C++: C++ is one of the most powerful languages, making it possible to develop dynamic and multi-platform apps. Besides which it is also possible to maintain a single codebase while developing apps for both the Android and iOS platforms. It is easy to port your code without any performance or security issues.
  • Java: Java is ideal to develop an Android application, in fact, it is the official language for Android mobile app development.
  • HTML5: This is a simple mark-up language for cross-platform mobile app development.
  • PHP: This is an object-oriented language specially developed for website development. There are several PHP frameworks that can be used to develop and support large scale mobile applications.
  • PhoneGap: This is an open-source framework that allows one to develop cross-platform mobile applications using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Objective C: This is an Object-Oriented programming language to develop iPhone
  • Xamarin: This is a popular platform to develop mobile applications for both Android and iPhones. It is owned by Microsoft and is an open-source cross-platform framework.
  • Firebase: This is a platform developed by Google that is meant for developing iOS and Android mobile applications.
  • Flutter: This is a highly popular platform to develop cross-platform mobile applications that work on iOS and Android devices. It has been developed by Google and can be used to develop applications for various platforms from a single codebase.
  • Ionic: This is an open-source for developing hybrid mobile applications.
  • IoT: IoT describes devices that are connected to the internet that one can either send data to or operate remotely.
  • AI/ML: This technology is increasing in popularity for the purpose of increasing the level of automation. It increases our dependence on computers and mobile phones allowing one to focus on their task at hand like business growth.
  • AR/VR: Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two technologies that allow one to increase the level of interaction and provide users with innovative features to include in their mobile application.

Benefits of Hiring App Development Company in Melbourne

A professional mobile app development company will have the expertise and resources to develop stunning applications. This is essential to remain competitive and gain an upper edge over your competitors. They can develop affordable mobile applications for both start-ups as well as large established firms. This is the best way to ensure your applications are maintained with updates of new technology and security. It also makes it simple to add or remove features.