by Krupa1027

1. Play indoor games or turn on your play station
2. Make a backyard obstacle course
3. Plan a movie night
4. Try your own pizza composition
5. Make a pillow fort
6. Camp in your backyard overnight
7. Make some slime
8. DIY ice cream sundaes
9. Make your own movie
10. Have a Photoshoot
11. Star gaze
12. Meditate
13. Write letters to someone
14. Write and perform a short play
15. Learn a new card game
16. Have a silly fashion show
17. Fly a kite
18. Make your own play dough
19. Dye some clothes
20. Dance party
21. Make a fairy garden
22. Clean your home
23. Arrange your wardrobe
24. Write a song
25. plant some flowers
26. Fill a box with old toys to donate
27. Make origami animals and shapes
28. sing karaoke
29. Back some cookies
30. Put a big puzzle together
31. Learn a new skill from youTube
32. Learn a new language
33. Bake a cake
34. Draw with side walk chalk
35. Learn to do Hoolahoop
36. Make fresh squeezed lemonade
37. Draw your own comic book
38. Water Baloon fight
39. Have a NERF battle
40. Make your own smoothies
41. Plan for a future family vacation
42. paint a master piece
43. Make a dream catcher
44. Make a time capsule and bury
45. Make a car wash for your hot-wheels
46. Family charades
47. make puppets and have a show
48. Face time with a friend or relative
49. Pray and chant
50. Enroll yourself for online courses


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