by liam

Most businesses today prefer to market online as digital marketing has become the trend. But, traditional marketing still has its value as it can bring your customers immediately into your hold.

The impact left by billboard advertisements high on walls is more than a digital advertisement on a mobile or a television screen. Be it posters or flyers or banners or brochures or business cards, the look and feel in real-time can strengthen the relationship with customers to boost the value of your business.

Here are ten affordable offline methods that will help your business to promote your services and products.

Elegant Business Cards

Business cards are effective offline marketing tools that can spread information silently to everyone about your brand.

Selecting unique designs for your business cards will reflect your creativity and brand values. With the improvement in printing technology, your digitally designed business cards will win more customers than you can count on.

Using similar colours, font styles, and logos in both online and offline marketing materials will help potential buyers to remember your product.

Catchy Brochures, Banners, and Stickers

Printed brochures, banners, and stickers allow information about your brand and products to stay with your prospective customers for a long time.

Customised acrylic brochures displayed with wall-mounted brochure holders near entrances and exits or waiting areas in public places seek attention always for they are distinctly visible. If the brochures get valid attention even for a fraction of a second, it is more than enough. Fixed wall-mounted brochures stay in one place and let the information be there all the time.

Banners incorporated with QR codes have become the common trend to reach prospective customers without much effort. Branded stickers on the side of your bike or your car will display information of products wherever you go and get recognised. 

Efficient Networking

Building a strong network with local businesses will help your brand to become familiar in a short time.

Get in touch with the local professional associations and be a regular participant in their programmes. You can even attend meetings remotely when your work doesn’t permit and know more about other people in business. You can be a part of the group by volunteering your services and this will help you to meet new people who can be your potential buyers.  

Organising Free Workshop

When you are a part of a local professional group, organising free workshops to share your knowledge or information about your product will be an easy task. At the end of the workshop, you can share your promotional materials with the participants. This will help you to spread information about your brand, your products and thereby reach potential buyers. 

Utilising Market Stalls

Networking with local businesses may give you a chance to set your market stall during their annual or local public events. This may offer you the wonderful opportunity to let people know about your products and your brand extensively.

Offering Local Sponsorship

Sponsoring an event in your local community can go a long way in winning much-needed recognition for your brand and your products. Volunteering your services or offering donations for a worthy cause in your locality will turn fruitful. Your business can also win a place in the press release or newsletter or in the website built for that specific event.

Sharing Coupons

Offering special discounts or coupons for being a loyal customer along with the sale of your branded products will make your customers happy. And it may also bring in more potential buyers. Assured incentives on specific products for a specific group of people such as freshers at college, new moms, newlyweds, can also help your brand to get new buyers.

Sending Seasonal Cards & Gifts

To get your loyal customers to be in line with your branded products, remember to send seasonal cards or gifts. This small gesture will help them to remember your services and products.

Reaching out to your customers on their significant day will help them remember and select your branded product during their next purchase.

Effective Magazine Advertising

Let it be in digital or print advertisements, attractive captions or slogans will capture the attention of potential buyers and also your loyal customers. Though you have to spend extra on printed advertisements, it will be worth it to do so.

Proficient Referral Programme

Having a proficient referral programme that benefits your loyal customers will bring in new buyers or potential buyers without much effort. Referrals always believe the words of existing customers for they are standing proof of your brand’s quality and affordability. Implementing a referral system will reward you with more customers in the long run.


We are now living in an era where both online and offline promotion is much needed for the success of your branded products. Take care to put in your best effort to get your offline marketing sync with the online marketing consistently and with better results.