by Zac Ferry

A metal cutting disc is a type of grinding tool, which is used for unscrambling a large piece of metal into several parts. The equipment usually comes with abrasive grains, which are held together in a proper place with a bond matrix and separated from one another by pores. These pores usually help in clearing the discarded pieces of metal and aid the disc in staying intact.

Here, we are going to discuss a little bit about these grinding tools and offer some crucial insights to you about them. So, let’s jump right into it.

Types of Metal Cutting Discs

In essence, there are several types of metal cutting disc modules available in the market. Here is everything you need to know about them.

  • Grinding Wheel: The grinding wheel discs tend to come with a ribbed edge section. It, in turn, helps them eradicating rough edges of metal proficiently. Moreover, they tend to spin in a decent speed as well. Therefore, the whole duration of the task quickens as well. But, if you are using it for your assignment, then be sure to take proper precautions.
  • Cut-Off Wheel: Unlike a grinding wheel, the cut-off wheel tends to feature a lightweight and thin profile. It allows them to cut through even the robust pieces of metals pretty efficiently. Most people tend to use cut-off metal cutting disc wheel for working with rebar, bolts, plate metal, etc. However, before using it anything, make sure to check if the width of the tool is compatible with it or not.
  • Diamond Discs: Regarding aesthetics, diamond discs tend to look a lot better than the other options. Moreover, they also tend to have a high-end cutting capability and, thus, can slice through almost anything and everything. They also do feature an impregnated edge, which can help you to smoothen the rough sections of a metal component. The only issue with the diamond discs is that they are pretty expensive.
  • Ceramic Sanding Disc: Unlike the previous three options, the ceramic sanding metal cutting disc models are somewhat rare in the professional field. However, they usually come with a reliable outlook and, thus, can be used on a variety of projects. Furthermore, because of having a decent ceramic build, they also do not get overheated in any way. Lastly, they also tend to have a superior sanding capability.

Grades of Metal Cutting Discs

The grade of a metal cutting disc usually refers to the holding capability of the bond. These tools are generally categorized into two different grading alternatives. There are –

Soft Grades

  • For hard and robust materials (carbides)
  • To perform rapid stock removal
  • For working on larger contact areas

Hard Grades

  • For a prolonged wheel life
  • To use on soft materials
  • For working on narrower or smaller contact areas

Tips on Using a Metal Cutting Disc

If you are you using a metal cutting disc for the first time in your life, then, be sure to check out the following tips to get some help for your endeavour.

  • Use the tool on a 90⁰ angle.
  • Do not apply too much pressure on it or else, it might get damaged
  • Avoid pushing the metal cutting disc into the metal component
  • Opt for a model, which offers a high amount of amperage or torque
  • Be sure not to lean too hard on the metal while you are using a thinner cutting disc
  • Store it in a dry and clean environment to avoid rusting


The metal cutting discs are multi-purpose tool. You can use them with almost any equipment to complete your task without any fuss. Make sure to check out its size as well as the warranty period before investing in Metal Cutting Disc.

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