by salena

Men are customarily insecure if they are unable to carry out a piece of work that other men are easily doing. They get so insecure that they do not want their families to see the work which is being done by the best local handyman. Because they think that if they don’t do so, their family will consider it as a stigma on their personality. But as a matter of fact, it is not a matter of insecurity. 5 fingers are not equal so different kinds of talents are engrossed in individuals at different levels. For this reason, there is an availability of tremendous local handyman jobs. So today we’re going to share a story of an insecure man with you.

Robert – The accountant

There was an accountant whose name was Robert. His father was in the army. So we are not unaware of the fact that the individuals who are recruited in the army are considerably more strict about punctuality and regularity as compared to other professionals. But his father was also very particular about the works which according to him are gender-specific. The father would tell his son, how he used to carry out all the chores of the home which every boy needs to carry out at his age. But Robert has never paid any interest in them. Because the goal of life was to become a successful accountant. So he was always indulged in academic activities.

Reaction of father

One day there was an earthquake. Its intensity was very sharp. Because of that, the pictures which were hanging on the wall had fallen. In that situation, his father told Robert to punch the new nails in the wall and eliminate the previous ones. Robert did not know how to do so. But owing to fear, he did not utter a word and did what his father said. When his father saw that his son did not have the tactic to eliminate the previous nailds and punch new nails, he was stunned. He got so furious and ended up taunting him, “Go and wear your sister’s jewellery, as it would suit you!” On hearing this, Robert felt an attack done on his self-esteem. He was very hurt by the darting words of his father.

What did he do then?

He decided to learn how to carry out general works which a handyman is supposed to do. So he learnt a few of them.

What was his approach to his children?

When Robert got married and blessed with a baby boy. He decided that he would not let his boy listen to all those things which he listened to because of lack of skills and interest. So from childhood, he made his son exposed to the techniques that a handyman is ought to learn.

A lesson

One day he told his wife about the incident which has created an impact on his heart. His wife asked him whether it is not wrong to distinguish certain works as gender-specific. She made him realize that whatever happened, it should be examined if it was right as far as equality is concerned. Robert felt that he was not following his discretion but he was surely flaunting his ego. So he is hot to understand if a person’s interest is engrossed in the handyman activities, he should carry out the same and the business would itself respect the individual with a good sum of money. But one should not consider it a matter of ego or insecurity.