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Isn’t it lovely to watch a beautiful garden? Yes! But the effort to keep an elegant appearance of lush greenery is not easy. There are varied factors that affect the aesthetic look of a garden and one important hindrance is weeds. These are undesirable florae that grow in an unnecessary place. In simple words, weeds can be considered as an uncalled guest to your home. Their presence irritates and glooms the ambiance of the residence. So, to control the growth of these florae Weed Mat Bunnings is used. To know what is weed mat, the material used to make it, and for understanding their benefits read the given-below content.

What Is Weed Mat Bunnings?

The growth of weeds is undesirable for flower beds and it should be removed at the earliest. Usually, gardeners use fertilizer to control weed development, however, it is not good for plants or the soil. Another best solution you can do is to use a weed mat in the garden. It is effective and does not cause any harm to the ecology. Weed mats work by stopping the penetration of sunlight to weeds, thus resulting in killing its development. Also, mats will help the soil to get sufficient water, keeping it moist and good state.

Material Used For Weed Mat

Weeds mats are generally made using two materials i.e. plastic and cloth. Most mats are durable in nature. At present new eco-friendly weed mat is also available in the market known as jute matting. These mats will allow penetration of required air and water to soil underneath the sheet thus helping in maintaining the good condition of the soil. If you are about to purchase a weed mat do not pick what you see first at the store, know the material, understand its capability, and then proceed to choose.


Many believe that only high-priced mat performs well rather than others. However, it is not fully true! Although a high-cost mat has durability, it doesn’t mean lower prices mats are not ideal for the garden. You can even find the best mats at an average cost in the market. Calculate the area of your garden before purchasing the mat. This will make you understand which fits well to your place.

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Benefits Of Weed Mat

The advantage of weed mats is wide and from the broad range, important hand-picked factors are given-below.

  • Discourage Weeds: The biggest benefit after laying the sheet is that you cannot spot the growth of weeds anywhere. It will help you in escaping from removing weeds once in a while. Rather you can spend those qualitative hours either during your personal works or by enjoying the beautiness of your sweet garden.
  • Environmental Friendly: Nowadays most things used to control weeds are harmful to the environment. For instance, fertilizer is a solution to control weed development, however, in a later stage, it will loose the fertility of the soil making it unproductive. But if you use a weed mat, there aren’t such issues to the environment.
  • Cost-Effective: You must be thinking that purchasing a mat is a costly process. Although you need to invest a bit at an early stage, later it will yield the results. Mats can last for long years and so the requirement to buy fertilizer every now and then is not needed.
  • Draining Of Water: The level of evaporation will be reduced after weed matting and so your flowers and plants can get a sufficient amount of water. The roots of your garden florae will be in a moist state thus helping to grow in good condition without meeting any kind of issues.

Closing Words

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