by Sujain Thomas

Street signs are customary because it helps in the identification of the place and provides directions that travelers find useful in navigating their way along the streets. Traffic signs are vital to ensure road safety and help motorists and pedestrians maintain discipline on the roads. Residential signs help to transform neighborhoods for the better. Besides assisting in wayfinding, the custom street signs are decorative pieces. They enhance the aesthetics of the place besides providing opportunities in brand promotion. The street signs specifically created for neighborhoods enhance the daily living experience and even property value.

How to use street signs depends on what you want to achieve from it, and the design needs some careful considerations to address the needs of users so that it eases their life. Here are some uses of street signs created for a specific purpose.

Bicycle path markers

Cycling is becoming a very popular sport as well as a preferred choice for people to travel close distances within the city, as evident from the trend emerging over the past decade. As the clamor for creating a greener planet and healthy living is growing, cycling is becoming more popular. To make roads safe for cyclists, it has become necessary to mark paths clearly for bicycles with street signs along highways and roads in busy cities. The trend is also spreading to rural areas. The signs warn motorists about the presence of cyclists on the road so that they stay out of the bike path. Having a marked pathway reduces the chances of accidents and injuries.

Custom signs

It has become a way for businesses to use custom signs for their parking spaces or store front. The signs help those who are arriving at the place with directions. They can look around the place or gather information about the business, like the hours of operation. Since the signs are much more durable than stickers, and there are enough possibilities of customization, businesses are using it to make their business grow.

Highway signs

The signs along the highways are of great help to motorists provided these are easy to read and visible. Highway signs provide essential information to people like speed changes, and rest stops directions and emergency service locations. The street signs are especially helpful if you are traveling through an area that you have never been to before. As you do not know where to go, depending on the road signs is the only way to navigate your way through unfamiliar terrain.

Parking post designations

Public places like schools, colleges, and hospitals need to have designated spaces for car parking for visitors and staff. These signs come with parking post reflectors, primarily if located in the front of the building. The reflectors ensure safety by reducing the chances of someone backing into the signpost and causing damage to the vehicle or the post. The signposts also help to demarcate spaces meant for access by differently-abled people as displayed in letters and sign denoting that the place is for the disabled people only.

Street signs must be easy to read and placed strategically for higher visibility.

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