by danielle paparone

When you have just started a new business, it can be a difficult task to convince people to subscribe or purchase your product or service. This is where testimonials come in.

Client testimonials is a powerful way to potentially turn your visitors and subscribers into customers.  With 97% of consumers looking at reviews before they purchase, you can start to understand why they are so important.

But how exactly do you collect these great testimonials? If you are unsure how to do this, we are going to walk you through some eight ways to collect testimonials for your business.

Ask Immediately

Timing is so important. Reaching out after the completion of a project or service is ideal. If they are happy with the service that has been provided, chances are they would love to share this feedback with you right away.


Make It As Easy As Possible For Them

When asking for testimonials, it does put pressure on people to create something enlightening and detailed.


Ask The Right Questions

By having a set of questions ready to go to be answered by your clients, this will enable you to get the information you need quickly and efficiently.


Create A Survey

Surveys are a powerful method to collect client feedback in all areas of your business. If clients are taking time out of their day to complete your survey, they’re probably happy to leave a short testimonial for you as well.

Look Out For Testimonials

Sometimes, you don’t even need to ask for reviews. If you received a positive email or they left a great comment on your social media channels, ask them if you can share it. Then take this review and post it wherever you like.

Ensure Their Words Help You Sell

The main goal with testimonials is to get one that will help you sell in the future.

Follow Up Politely

If you don’t hear back, follow with a reminder email and perhaps offer a draft blurb or set of questions they can then then edit or answer.

Once you have gathered some solid testimonials singing praises for your business, then are many different ways you can use them. Some examples include:

  • Quote testimonial
  • Social media posts
  • Case studies
  • Video testimonials
  • Blog post reviews
  • Press reviews

Great customer testimonials can grow your business faster than essentially any other type of content. You can imperfect your marketing and business strategy all you like, but if people don’t trust you than ultimately won’t by from your business.