by Ella Watson

There are two types of popcorn machines available in the market. One that you see in the movie theatres which are of the commercial model and another which can be used as home popcorn machines. The home popcorn machines are becoming a popular accessory for home theatres to set on the bar. With so many popular options in electronic shops and online stores, it can be a very confusing task to choose which popcorn machine you should purchase. Let’s get to know how the machines work and what you should consider before buying the best Popcorn machine to make the purchase easier.

How does the popcorn machine work?

In the past, when you buy popcorn and when the popcorn machine was being popularized, it was presented as to how the popcorn, oil, and other seasonings were all added in a kettle at the same time.

Inside the machine, as the oil was getting heated, the popcorn is getting popped, and there was an agitator, which was continuously stirring all the ingredients. This method gave perfect consistency of the taste and flavour of the popcorn along with popping frequency by keeping the popcorn from burning.

Inside the popcorn machine, the ingredients are allowed to get heated continuously in the kettle, and the heat from the oil takes out the water present inside the corn kernels. That is how the steam was produced. The overall process gets completed when those tiny kernels get expanded and explode into big puffy, foamy popcorns.

Then the popped popcorn will fill up the kettle and overflow inside the glass cabinet in the popcorn machine. The glass cabinet has a warming element that keeps the popcorn warm and fresh without getting soggy. You would know when the whole cycle gets completed when you can’t hear any kernels popping. Make sure to turn off all the elements inside the kettle and remove the last popcorns inside the kettle onto the glass cabinet. Do the process fast, or else you might get burned popcorn, or you might need to buy popcorn.

What should you consider while purchasing a Popcorn Machine?

  • Size

    The first step is to decide on what size machine would be suitable for you. Most of the home popcorn machine comes between four to eight ounces. The one-ounce kernels will produce around one quart of finished popcorn. Now you can decide on which size machine you require based on that ratio.

  • Trays

    Some popcorn machines might have a kernel reject tray and old-maid drawer together or separated. You might want that separated from your completed popcorn tray. You should know that the four-ounce machines generally do not provide any warming tray.

  • Energy supply

    Home popcorn machines come with 300 watts to 800 watts. You might want to get a higher wattage popcorn machine since the more energy supply; the more your popcorn gets cooked fast.

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning the machine is very crucial to maintain its durability and successful popcorn making. It’s not very difficult, since you can find a kettle made of anodized aluminium. They are very easy to clean and can facilitate the best heat transfer. Make sure the sides of the machine are tempered glass rather than Plexiglas to clean them easily without forming a scratch.

  • Warming tray

    The warming tray is a must for popcorn machines if you want to enjoy the snack throughout the movie.

  • Regulation

    The machine should have separate buttons for separate functions. Make sure you can regulate the heating elements and kettle mixing elements.

  • Safety

    Ensure that you should keep in mind that the kettle can get very hot; therefore, you should handle it very carefully. The best popcorn machine should have easy functionality to handle the kettle.

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