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The current time is not that great to start a business as the world is going through a recession. When will it stop we may never know. But for those who are passionate to start a business then this article is for you. We have curated a list of businesses that are recession proof and quite profitable as well. So without any delay, let’s jump right in!

Seven Businesses that are Recession Poof

It is always difficult to claim that any business is completely recession-proof, but the following are some businesses that actually work quite well.

  1. Health Center
  2. Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
  3. Real Estate
  4. Grocery Business
  5. E-commerce
  6. Food Business
  7. Liquor Shop

Health Centers

What makes health centres recession-proof is their resiliency during economic downtime. Even if there is an economic crisis, people always need health care services. The consistent need for medical care makes health centre businesses sustainable in any harsh condition. Moreover, the government support health centres with constant funding and free medical products. Moreover, there are NGOs and INGOs, that are working for the welfare of the general people. Not only from own government but these projects are also funded by international governments to provide proper health care services. Most governments have rules and regulations for private and public companies, that they must have health insurance for their employees. As the health bill is covered by insurance, people often visit health centres to seek medical help.

Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Even if there is a recession, people won’t stop going to their offices using their vehicles. So, if you are a vehicle repair shop owner, then it’s good news for you. You are safe in every economic crisis the country faces. But you must be aware that traditional vehicles that use fuel are slowly being extinct. Make sure you are upgrading your vehicle repair and maintenance skills as electric vehicles are more popular in the market. Give your staffs and mechanics proper skills that can repair and maintain electric vehicles like cars and motorbikes.

Real Estate

The only business that is evergreen is real estate as you do not have to be a skilled professional to start this business. Moreover, the business is recession-proof as people will migrate to less expensive houses during the recession to maintain their monthly costs. This means you will have more clients looking for less expensive houses for rent. But one thing is that the property selling price will decrease during a recession. This means there will be more people willing to buy that property at a cheaper cost. Thinking that once the recession is over, they can sell the property at an expensive price.

Grocery Business

Grocery businesses will thrive in a recession. Food is a basic necessity, and people need to eat regardless of the economic situation. This means that demand for groceries remains relatively stable, even during a recession. While consumers may adjust their purchasing habits and opt for less expensive options, they still need to buy food. Moreover, people will cut their expenses on unwanted purchases and only purchase products that they actually need. And groceries are always the priority 1 product for every people. Even if inflation rises and the prices of food items skyrocket, they will always be in demand.


E-commerce is another business that is recession resistant as they do not require physical stores to operate. Meaning there is no renting cost. Moreover, people will be more engaged with e-commerce as they can find the most valuable deals online than in retail shops. They can compare different products and can purchase the one that people think is the best value. Also, e-commerce runs on a flexible business model; meaning they can adopt the changing market conditions easily. Give discounts on what people actually need and the business will thrive.

Food Business

Similar to the grocery business, food is a basic necessity, and people need to eat regardless of economic conditions. While consumers may adjust their spending habits and opt for more affordable options, the demand for food remains relatively consistent. During a recession, food businesses that can adapt to changing consumer preferences and needs are more likely to succeed. This may involve adjusting menu options, introducing cost-saving measures, or incorporating new delivery models and technology to enhance convenience. What you can do is take your food business online with POSApt and take orders from customers directly from your website.  Businesses that offer comfort foods, unique dining experiences, or affordable treats may see continued demand, as people look for small pleasures and moments of respite.

Liquor Shop

Liquor shops can experience neutral effects during a recession. Consumers may seek more affordable indulgences or ways to relax and unwind. This can lead to increased demand for alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and spirits, which are often affordable. People who used to go to bars or nightclubs to have some bears will now opt to purchase directly from the liquor stores. As you can get a better deal and can enjoy your drinks sitting at your home. It’s essential for liquor shops to carefully monitor consumer preferences, adapt their product offerings, and manage their inventory to align with changing economic conditions. What you can do is use a liquor shop point of sale for your business to manage all your business processes. Moreover, you can send discounts and loyalties to your valuable customers with this system.

Wrapping Up

A recession period is never good for anyone as there is no money movement in the market. Meaning big businesses will fail as there will be no demand for their products. But some businesses can still thrive in this opposite market condition due to their ability to adapt the user preferences. Businesses like groceries, health care centres, vehicle repairs, food businesses, and more are quite resilient to recession. This makes these businesses perfect options for people who are looking for a startup. Just use risk management strategies for your business to be relevant in the market and you will be all good.