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How long a car battery lasts is not a simple topic, but certain generalizations may be made based on decades of experience in the automobile business. When it comes to car batteries, time, heat, and vibration all affect their lifespan. Let’s examine each one in greater detail.


Car batteries, too, degrade with time and have a limited shelf life. In the best of all possible worlds, batteries will eventually fail to deliver enough power to start a vehicle’s engine. The way you drive your car affects how quickly your battery ages. Batteries in cars that are only driven for short distances or that are left parked for long periods of time automatically self-discharge. Both of these scenarios can benefit from the use of a maintenance charger because it keeps the battery charged and so increases its useful life.


The chemical reactions that batteries use to create energy are made easier by heat, but the degradation of batteries is accelerated as a result. A battery can last up to five years in the north, but in the south, it’s more common to see a three-year lifespan for a device. Temperatures can often reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit under the hood of a hot car, where batteries reside. Depending on the vehicle, the battery may be mounted in an isolated region, protected by a heat shield, or relocated outside of the engine compartment.


Last but not least is vibration, which damages battery components by causing them to vibrate. Batteries are held in place by a particular hold down hardware to reduce the impacts of vibration. Battery life might be considerably reduced if hold downs are missing or loose.

Warning Signs for a Low Battery

If the engine cranks slowly or if the Battery/Charging warning lamp illuminates, you may have a battery problem. Older cars’ low incandescent headlights, especially when idling, are another sign of a poor battery. Symptoms of a dying battery aren’t always as clear as they should be.

Has the battery checked at every oil change for clean, tight wire connections and secure hold-down hardware to avoid being stranded by a problem with the battery? Three-year-old batteries should have a safety inspection performed on them every year after that. In order to prevent an unexpected failure, the battery will be tested for signs of wear and tear. The Night and Day Autocare Service is available in most areas and you can contact to have a battery inspected and replaced (if necessary) at your home or workplace.


Always get a new battery from a high-volume seller with fresh inventory when you need one for your vehicle. There is nothing worse than having a battery that has been sitting on the shelf for a long time. For additional peace of mind, be sure the battery comes with a full-replacement warranty. If you have a problem with your battery within the warranty period, you’ll get a new one for free. It will be necessary to make a partial payment to replace the battery if the warranty enters a pro-rated replacement period before the full-coverage term expires.

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