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We could become ill from a variety of problems, ranging from dog faeces on the tile floor to a particularly bad kitchen sink. A vomit pool on the floor, especially if it is carpet, stands out among these tragedies.

Unfortunately, the majority of people will experience at some point in their lives, whether it is due to a sick child, a gastrointestinal issue, or a pet ingesting. So, without further ado, put your mouthguard on and discover carpet cleaning methods.

Best way to get vomit out of a carpet quickly

Grab some disposable gloves and a surgical mask to help prevent accidental contact with nasty substances and to decrease stench while cleaning vomit.

Quickly clean up.

Scrape up as much vomit as you possibly can with a dustpan. You might be able to clean up little spills with a spoon one you do not mind discarding later!

Inhale deeply

Blot vomit on the carpet with cloths or paper towels as much as possible to avoid residual odours.

It Has to Dry

Cover the damp surface with baking soda and let it sit for 15 minutes to absorb any excess moisture that the paper towels could not.

It is got to go

To get rid of any leftover vomit on the carpet, vacuum up as much baking soda as you can. This task can be made easier and more successful with the use of a wet/dry vac or carpet shampooer. Simply ensure that the vacuum cleaner bag is replaced or that the canister is completely cleaned thereafter.


Remove any remaining scents using a pet stain remover or an enzyme-based cleanser. These detergents are more effective at breaking down odour-causing proteins, allowing them to be completely removed from the system. Vinegar and dish soap can also be used.

Method 1: 

Carpet Steam Cleaning

When it comes to removing vomit from the carpet, you must act quickly. If you leave vomit on the carpet for an extended time, it will sink deeper into the fibres and possibly into the padding beneath. It may be tough to get rid of the bad odour once this occurs.

The following elements are required for Carpet Steam Cleaning:

  • a trash bags
  • dishwashing gloves
  • a spoon and fork
  • a spraying container
  • microfiber cloths with white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide
  • If you have any, put on your dishwashing gloves.
  • With the spoon, scrape the vomit from the carpet and into the trash bag.
  • You do not want to accidently knock it over and have to start all over again when you have grabbed as much as you can.
  • Half-fill your spray container with distilled white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide diluted with a little water.
  • Spray the solution over the area where the vomit was until the carpet is damp after performing a spot test.
  • Blot the area dry using rags. When a towel becomes saturated, replace it.
  • You will need to clean your carpet, so follow the stain removal instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Method 2:

Clean Vomit if You Cannot Get to It Right Away

Life happens, and you may find yourself running to the doctor or dealing with a child who has an upset stomach. If that is the case, you will have to put off cleaning up that unpleasant mess for a while.

  • For at least 15 minutes, cover the baking soda with a towel. Make sure the room is locked if you will not be able to keep an eye on your dogs.
  • Toss the towel in the laundry and vacuum up all of the baking soda when you are ready to deal with the stain.
  • Trying to figure out how to get vomit out of carpet is a pain, but it is a necessary evil if you want to keep your home clean.
  • Naturally, having a healthy family from the start is desirable.
  • Take a look at these helpful tips for keeping your home germ-free during the cold and flu season.

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