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Cranes are responsible for the existence of your favorite high-rise structure. Even if you are new to the profession or an experienced pro, there is still a high possibility you have come across cranes and other construction equipment you have never seen or heard before.

According to some stories, cranes were utilized for proper irrigation of water thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia and Egypt. In fact, many ancient buildings would require the use of a crane if they were erected today. On construction projects, cranes have become the most critical instrument.

Here are some important things to know about cranes

1. What Is The Purpose Of Cranes?

Cranes play an important role in the building industry. Construction cranes are used for a variety of lifting jobs, including building works.

A crane’s basic components are a hoisting rope, cable ropes, shackles, and sheaves. A construction crane, fitted with wires and rollers and based on applicable fundamental mechanical systems, can raise huge loads far beyond the capabilities of a man.

Modern construction cranes use simple technology to accomplish complicated lifting operations. Cranes now employ hydraulic power, diesel engines, and battery packs with increased capabilities for their users, thanks to technological advancements.

2. Commonly Used Cranes

Construction cranes come in a variety of load limits, kinds, and roles, but there are a handful that are commonly used in the construction field.

Mobile Cranes

The title is self-explanatory! Mobile cranes are among the most common forms of heavy machinery used at construction sites.

This crane, which is equipped with metal trusses or extendable booms fixed to a base, may be transported to, from, or around a worksite as required. For ordinary constructions and roofing, mobile cranes are frequently used.

Telescopic Cranes

Telescopic cranes are a type of large construction crane that is used to transfer and move items from one location to another. Telescopic construction cranes are frequently used in dock carrying activities.

These construction cranes are fitted with elevation adaptations, which eliminates height-related issues while transporting products from one location to another.

Aerial or Helicopter Cranes

A helicopter used for lifting huge cargo such as cargo and other difficult weights is characterized as an aerial crane, often referred to as a flying crane.

Aerial cranes are typically utilized in unreachable or distant locations, such as on top of buildings or high mountains. Since a single holster line is utilized to transport the weight, aerial crane lifting operations are commonly referred to as long lines.


Hydraulic systems, diesel engines, and battery packs are used in technological advanced construction cranes nowadays, with improved capabilities for the workers. Each crane has its own traits and functions, yet they are all important in building.

There is always a certain crane that can finish a given project, whether it be building bridges, highways, or other construction. Different types of construction cranes can be hired out depending on the situation.

From a little crane for working within a building to a construction crane for erecting big structures, cranes come in many shapes and sizes.

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