by Thomas Jain

What if you could enjoy all your favourite food in moderation and still have zero to null dental problems in your life. There are certain myths about dental problems that might have scarred you for life and made you stop eating your favourite food altogether. The leading dentist Epping can help you with your checkups and also tell you if your teeth’s health is deteriorating or not. You need not worry about every single thing that you put inside your mouth just because you fear of tooth decay or getting a root canal if things get worse. You can still get a painless root canal from your dentist Epping but you do not have to keep worrying about it, here are some myths that you can probably stop overthinking about.

Myth #1 – Teeth whitening results in deterioration of your enamel

If you seek the help of a professional and trained Epping dentist then teeth whitening will never result in your enamel’s damage however you might feel a temporary tenderness which is very normal. Some of the adults may also face mild gum bleeding but you need not worry as it is not associated with any kind of gum disease.

Myth #2 – Sugar leads to tooth decay

You might have heard this every day since you were born but the reality is your kid’s indulgence in sugary foods is not the issue but the real issue is something else. The longer the sugar stays in your child’s mouth the more damage it can do to your child’s teeth, for example, lollipops and suckers can deteriorate your child’s oral health if the child does not brush the teeth twice. You should also make sure you rinse your mouth after consuming sugary food.

Myth #3 – Gum diseases are rare

According to several surveys, more than 60% of adults have some or the other forms of gum diseases and are not rare at all. You can avoid this only if you have regular dental checkups twice a year from your Epping dentist which can help you in determining the severity of your gum disease and the treatment to eradicate it completely. The starting signs of gum diseases can be swollen gums or bleeding gums.

Myth #4 – Avoiding the dentist during pregnancy

Your oral health might be at more risk during pregnancy as your hormones go haywire which will surely affect the health of your teeth. It is important to schedule appointments with your dentist and get your teeth checked and not completely ignore them during your pregnancy. You should stop believing in this myth and meet your dentist to rule off any dental issues you might have. You might lose a tooth if you do not take good care of your teeth during your pregnancy and it is not because of your baby.

Myth #5 – If you feel fine then you do not need to visit your dentist

It does not matter if you feel that your oral health is perfectly fine and you do not need a dentist to look into it because you might never notice some of the starting signs of a dental problem. Dental care is known to be preventive care for a reason and visiting your dentist twice a year will only help you in preventing any small dental issue from turning into a problem that might hurt you in the future. If you face any swelling in your gum or other oral conditions you should visit your dentist right away and if you feel that your teeth are just fine then you can schedule an appointment twice a year.

These are some of the common myths that you might have come across now that you know the truth make sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist Epping twice a year to avoid any dental issues. If you are diabetic or have other health issues that might adversely affect your oral health then seek the help of a professional dentist Epping to get proper advice as well as treatments. For more details about our dental services, contact with our expert dentist.

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