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According to the World Health Organization, oral diseases are among the major health burdens for many countries. It does not only affect children but can have even worst consequences for adults. A person can be affected throughout their lifetime, experiencing pain, discomfort, disfigurement and in an unlikely situation – death.

Worldwide, there is an estimate of about 3.5 billion people that are affected by oral diseases. However, these diseases are also preventable with proper oral hygiene and discipline. A regular visit to the dentist can only do so much for you, there is also a need for you to understand how these diseases may be acquired. Allow us to enumerate some of the most common oral diseases that any normal person could encounter.

Dental Caries

Plaque forming on the surface of the tooth converting the sugars that you get from the food you eat or your drinks, into acids that would destroy your tooth over time. This destruction of your tooth is caused by the dental caries that are formed from the process described. By brushing your teeth, the problem may be prevented, but continuous intake of food and drinks that contain significant amount of free sugars will only aggravate the situation. Hence a check-up to your doctor is needed for them to assess the current status of your oral health and see to it that you use the proper methods as well as products and other measures that could prevent further damage of your teeth.

Oral Cancer

Unbeknown to some of us, dentists are also capable of examining you for any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. The disease can include some parts of the lip, other parts of your mouth as well as the oropharynx. Tobacco, or the nicotine in general, alcohol, and areca nut are amongst some of the common causes of oral cancer. There are also cases where oral cancer, especially among young people, is caused by the human papillomavirus.

Oro-dental Trauma

Injuries that your teeth, mouth and oral cavity have sustained, causes Oro-dental trauma. It is not only acquired due to physical altercations but may also be due to lack of alignment of your teeth, and environmental factors, which also causes Oro-dental trauma. These environmental factors include risk-taking behaviours and violence. It is important that you visit your dentist regularly for you to know which measures you must take in order to prevent further damaging your oral health.

Treatment for sustained damages due to Oro-dental trauma will be costly on your end and it would also take a long time.

Periodontal (gum) Disease

The tissues that are surrounding and supporting your tooth is affected once you have a periodontal disease. If you feel symptoms such as gingivitis which is the bleeding or swelling of your gums as well as pain and bad breath are also symptoms of gum disease, these are signs of periodontal disease. Over time and after it has reached its severe form, this will result in the gums coming away from your tooth and the supporting bones.

Your teeth are among the most used part of your body along with your hands and feet, so it is imperative you know the best practices in order to take care of your oral health. A regular visit to your dentist is what you need to ensure that your oral health will stay as healthy as possible, while also understanding the measures to take and what activities that you need to avoid to avoid harmful consequences to your oral