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There is just no denying the fact that not only information technology has impacted industries and enterprises alike all over the old but also made life more manageable and easier. But despite the many advantages of this ever-going sector, it cannot be denied that this technology also brings with it certain disadvantages that should be kept in mind.

Advantages of information technology

With the many advancements in information technology, the world has become a smaller and far easily reachable place. People in one part of the globe can easily get in touch with the people on the other end and find a common ground from where they can stay in touch, share information and even collaborate with each other for professional purposes. It has not only made this entire universe a close community but has also opened the doors to create a globally interdependent economy that otherwise would never have been possible.

It has opened all the doors and windows for a person to communicate, the means to talk, see and hear people form any part of the world has not just become possible, cheaper or easy but has also eliminated all the linguistic and geographical boundaries that were restricting people from getting close together. There are millions of apps and software available, where your only task is to download them in your gadget and then the world did literally the limit, not only do you have the opportunity to reach a person from any parts of the world in minutes but also see them, hear their voice and connect with them.

Information technology has also significantly contributed to business and finance all over the world. fact technology gives us a person to create a global presence which further leads to a multiplication n not just their target audiences nut also increases conversions which by all means is beneficial for any enterprise. Just like business finances to have prospered tremendously under the light of information technology. Sitting in one place you can daily make payments, transfer money etc. to any parts of the world. These facts have without a doubt boosted the global economy in a big way.

Apart from the many advantages in various sectors, inflation technology has also largely contributed to a lot of varied jobs like those of programmers, system analyzers, software and hardware developers, web designers etc.


Even though the rise of information technology has brought new job opportunities, there are many people who have also been left largely unemployed, as a lot of people are turning to other countries to get their jobs done. In streamlining the business process, job redundancies, downsizing, and outsourcing have occurred which has definitely affected the low and middle-level workers on a big scale.

Despite the best attempts of information technology in attempting to keep their systems secure, hacking is at its peak. This directly results in the leaking of important information and severely challenges the privacy of a   person. Many people also believe that even though this easy connectivity has plenty of benefits and is like a blessing in most places, too much exposure and easy reachability has also been known to have its own set of disadvantages as well.

To make the most of this fantastic medium and to explore and make it big, ensure that you are creating the right flow in the use of this technology.