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Since more than 1000 million people use social Media platforms on daily basis. All depends upon customer’s interest to whom they follow or to whom they heed, what type of stuff the customer is looking for, all these things are contributing to the experience of a customer whenever they login to their social media accounts.

Beside all this, as a business owner no matter the size of your organization you already know the power of social media, it not only helps you to bring in more audience or to engage more customers, but it also helps you to direct traffic towards your websites, along with this more and more people will start discussing about you and your brand. But all the above will not happen if you will not follow the right directions. We all know that there are many more tricks available on internet to engage audience via social media, but today we will tell you guys regarding those mistakes which almost every business is doing while targeting customers via social media.

So, what are these mistakes and how can we avoid them, how can you guarantee your audience for your great experience. Let’s dive in and know more.

Attempting to Run Every Social Media Platform:

You may wind up asking, do you think that you must be on every Social Media Platform? The Straightforward reply must be “NO, not at all” You need to keep in your mind that what is the selling point of your business, what you are actually offering to your customers, which age group you are planning to target, what are you marketing goals/plans, keeping in view all above you have to decide that which platform would be best for your business.

Proceeding Further without any Plan:

While moving towards social media marketing technique every business must know about the target market or must know that what are they going to sell, to whom they are talking, how to market your posts and what you should talk, must be planned according to the social media tool you are planning to use.

Inconsistent attitude:

If you want people to come back to you, or if you your customers to buy again and again from you, if you want to be remembered or if you want to create an impact then consistency will help you a lot. As discussed above, just create a marketing strategy, Schedule a calendar, keep an eye on your audience behavior to show the presence to your customer.

Buying the Followers:

Businesses usually buy the followers on Facebook and Instagram algorithm, but this is against the rule, Social media platforms do not support such activities, if very few people follow your business page over time then how is this possible to increase followers by paying $5 or more. So do not waste your time and money on buying followers.

Deletion of Negative Comments:

Do not delete the negative comments, you may have seen that some of the businesses engage in negative comments and arguing with the customer and then they delete the whole thread, which doesn’t make any sense and also lead a bad impact on the rest of the customers.

You must show your audience that you are honest, and your brand have nothing to hide. The best reply of any negative comment is “Thanks for your precious advice, we will try our best to improve and meet your expectations” and if the comment is toxic then ignore and move to the next customer. But keep it in your mind that “CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.

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