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Brands need to be smart and tactful to identify the latest developments in SEO. This is because the requirements of SEO keep changing from time to time. To make things easier, brands can always hire SEO services from agencies like Blurn.  Agencies such as these, work as an extension for your brand with a focus on increasing customer base and multiplying profits. Just log onto for an article about the same and to know more about how their other digital marketing services can help build your brand and make it successful.

Well-optimised websites have more traffic, leads and sales. SEO helps people who use search engines to identify the website and rank the website higher. SEO requires both technical and creative activities that are known as Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO. Such activities require the knowledge of an expert. Hence, hire a professional agency like Blurn to handle the SEO requirements as well as other digital marketing requirements your brand may have.

Onsite SEO

It includes the activities that help a website in improving organic visibility. This means optimising a website and its content by improving how relevant it is, ease in access and experience for visitors. Few of the activities that come under Onsite SEO are:

Keyword Research: This means analysing the types of keywords and the frequency of usage by the customers to identify a brand, product or services. This helps in understanding the mind of users and their expectations from using the search engines.

Onsite Optimisation: It helps in improving the structure of a website, navigation, on page alignment and how relevant content is, to help in prioritising key areas and target relevant search terms.

Technical Auditing: This activity makes sure that a website can be crawled and indexed. It also checks if a website is correctly geo-targeted and free from errors, combined with providing a smooth user experience.

User Experience: This activity ensures that the content written showcases expertise, trust and authority. The content should be simple and easier to understand. It should also provide good user experience.

Offsite SEO

It includes the activities taken care of outside the website to improve organic visibility. This activity is known as link building. This aims at increasing the number of authoritative links from other websites on a brand’s website. Search engines consider such links as reliable and boost website rankings. The links that come in from the authoritative websites helps gain more trust, and popularity for a brand’s website. Hence, the quality of the links is crucial. Few of the activities that come under offsite SEO are:

Content Marketing: Authoritative websites can link only to high-quality content. If a brand’s website has poor quality content, the authoritative websites might reject the link building request as linking to such websites can reduce the reputation of the authoritative websites. Hence, creating amazing, eye-catching content can help gather more traffic and conversions.

Digital Promotion: Promoting a website can help other websites talk and link to a brand’s website. If the brand approaches a PR or news agency, they can incorporate write-ups in their website.  As news websites have daily traffic flow, gaining backlinks from such websites can help improve traffic on the brand’s website as well.

Promotion and Outreach: This activity involves reaching out to journalists, popular bloggers, webmasters or influencers regarding a brand, content or PR to gain coverage and earn links to the website. This can boost website rankings on search engines organically.


Benefits of SEO for Online Businesses

Better User Experience: There are various methods that can be implemented to improve a website and maximise user experience. Audiences should get relevant information accompanied by photos, videos or support text. The webpages should be easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. All this can add up to having a better user experience. It can result in more clicks, leads and higher conversion rates. This improves search engine rankings.

A Source of Leads: Inbound strategies can be one of the most successful and most effective sources of leads. This includes social media, content marketing, search engine optimisation, referrals etc.

Results in Higher Conversion Rate: Good ranking on a website can guarantee higher conversion rates. The target market can easily identify the effort put in by a brand if the brand stays on the top position in a search engine result. Once the customers know all about the product or services offered by a brand, the brand turns trustworthy and the audience forms a positive opinion about the brand.

Better Cost Management: SEO helps in lowering advertising costs. When a brand ranks on top of the search result, there is no need of running any advertising campaign. The webpage would continue to stay on top as long as it garners clicks from customers. Activities like blogging, social media management, referrals etc. don’t cost much. Better cost management can be one of the benefits of SEO for businesses. Various tools can be used to track rankings and organic traffic of websites on search engines.

Builds Brand Credibility: Gaining top rankings on search engine results can give an impression to customers that a brand would be authoritative and a top player in the niche market. It shows that the brand is popular. At the same time, if the brand website doesn’t appear in search results, it would create a negative impression. Hence, a website will build brand credibility if the rankings are on top of search results.

Helps Establish Brand Awareness: Once the target market recognises a brand, the brand has gained brand awareness. This shows how popular the brand is among customers. SEO can ensure the product is easily found by search engine websites through regular and organic search results. Once a brand tops organic ranking, more internet users can see the brand’s website. This would lead to brand awareness among the audience.

Keeps the Brand Ahead of Competition: Once the digital marketing strategies have been implemented and are monitored on time, a brand can take a lead amidst competitors in the niche market. But it’s imperative for a brand and its strategies to gain awareness regarding the changes in SEO.

In agencies like Blurn who offer SEO Services, experienced experts help in designing and implementing an effective and unique SEO strategy for brands. Blurn also offers many other digital marketing services as well. Click here to know more.

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