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Want to know the most effective way to advertise your dropshipping store? Video ads are the best option available, as they offer you an edge over your competitors and help you reach more customers. With our dropshipping video ads guidelines, you’ll learn how to use them properly, which will help you improve your ad campaign results by a significant margin.

Always have a theme to your videos

The ads that perform best are video ads that build a brand story and connect with viewers on an emotional level. That said, before you get started with video advertising, it’s important to know your audience. Do you know what resonates with your target demographic? You need to craft your ads around what will resonate most with them. That might mean keeping things light-hearted, or taking a more serious tone. Whatever approach you take, make sure it aligns with your brand. 

If you can’t create good ads easily, don’t rely on automation: When first starting out with video advertising—whether through Facebook, YouTube, or other platforms—you might consider using automation to get going quickly. While some tools work well, others don’t always hit the mark. Some automated videos come across as stiff and awkward, while others have poor sound quality or other issues. Be patient if you decide to try automated video ad creation; many advertisers end up creating their own manually anyway as they learn which approaches work best for their business.

Grab your viewers’ attention quickly

One of your primary objectives as a business owner is to get people to take action, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or buying something from your store. When you make a video ad, that moment of conversion becomes more tangible. A video ad can tell customers precisely what they’ll get when they press play; even if viewers don’t end up converting in that moment, you can always use retargeting tactics to lead them back later on. If a viewer doesn’t convert right away, you might send them a follow-up email reminding them to keep their eyes peeled. If they don’t want to watch again at first but seem like they might be interested, add them to an email list and send them some information—they probably need some time and space before making any decisions! The big takeaway here is to focus less on only conversions and more on engagement.

Keep it short and sweet – no more than 60 seconds 

When people are scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds, they don’t want to watch a two-minute video; after all, it is a social network. That’s why you should keep your videos short and sweet. The recommended length is under 60 seconds. These kinds of videos typically receive more organic reach, so you won’t have to worry about boosting or paying for exposure. In fact, having too much text can cause low engagement on your posts. Video ads work well with 90 characters of text since viewers will only see them when they scroll down their newsfeeds and not actually click on an ad link. However, if someone does decide to watch an entire video (instead of just skimming through), you need captivating content that keeps viewers from clicking away from your post.

Include branding in your video, but don’t overdo it 

A quick tip for brands who are developing a series of videos is to include branding in your video, but don’t overdo it. This can make viewers feel like they are being sold to and that ads are popping up at them every few seconds, which will likely lead them to skip your video. It’s important to balance out branding with content. The goal is not just brand recognition, but getting your audience interested in what you have to say as well. Just be sure that branding doesn’t outweigh value provided by your message or topic. In other words, let your product take center stage. Your viewers should know who you are and understand how they might benefit from doing business with you, but if they aren’t learning anything useful from what you have to offer beyond a logo on display then there is little point in creating these videos. 

Make sure your call-to-action isn’t lost in the video editing

The first thing to do is check your call-to-action (CTA) in both your video and at any point it may appear on your page. You want to make sure that your viewers know what they can do after watching, so you need to ensure that it’s clear what actions are encouraged. It should be as simple as including a line of text such as Click here for more information at every spot where a viewer might click away from a video ad. 

Give them more than one way to learn more! 

When you’re referencing a product or service in your post, it’s always a good idea to give readers more than one way to learn more. Not only will you be providing extra value for them, but you’ll also be giving them many different opportunities to interact with your brand by clicking on links. 

Here are three ideas for dropping additional links:

Give a direct link: The easiest way to include an additional link is simply as a URL at the end of your sentence or paragraph.

Add an info link: This is another popular method and involves making your own custom text to resemble a hyperlink, such as Click here to find out how we work.

Make it part of a sentence: If you want to keep it all organic (and just have better writing), simply use phrasing like Want more information? Or Visit our site for more details.