by Jagvimal Consultants

  1. China has a lot of University Approved by MCI

China has the most number of Medical Council of India (MCI) approved universities which means that Indian students get a variety of options while choosing a perfect university for themselves while looking to study MBBS in China.

  1. Maintained High Standard Education

China in terms of education has always maintained high standards which gives the students an excellent chance to get the best of education at a low cost.

  1. Economical and Budget Friendly Education in China

The cost of education in the medical universities of China is economical and budget friendly for the students.

  1. Fewer Things to Worry about MBBS in Abroad

Thus, it gives the students fewer things to worry about while looking to study MBBS in abroad.

  1. Going Abroad to Study for the First Time

A student is already in worry while going abroad to study for the first time, as it will probably be the first time a student would be living so far away from his/her family.

  1. Excellent Quality Living Facilities

China provides the students fewer things to worry about by giving them excellent quality living facilities in the hostels along with providing them good quality healthy food and thereby students can feel relaxed while studying in the country.

  1. Universities of China Approved by MCI

The major reason why China has a variety of medical universities that are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) is that the universities of China.

  1. High Quality of Medical Education

Always maintain the high quality of medical education and follow the curriculum according to the standards laid down by the MCI (Medical Council of India).

  1. Course and Practice over the World

Because of this reason the Indian students are comfortable studying in China as they are assured that they can get to their home country after completion of their course and practice their medical degree here.

  1. Opportunity to Learn Chinese Language

The only thing which can be a little tricky for the Indian medical aspirants while studying in China is to learn the Chinese language.

  1. Guidelines as Per MCI

As per the guidelines of the medical bodies of the country, any international student who is coming to study in the country must learn the Chinese language as an additional language to make sure that they do not face difficulty in talking with local people and even the patients during the internship.

  1. Excellent Feature

However, this is an excellent feature for the students as they get to learn a completely new language and which also gets added in their portfolio.

  1. Practice Medical Degree in India

The students can even practice their degree in many different parts of the world after completion of the course from any MCI (Medical Council of India) approved by the medical university of China if they do not want to come back to India for their medical degree.

  1. China Medical University Listed in Top Rated University

Approved from the Chinese Ministry of Education, China Medical University (CMU) is one of the top rated medical universities of China which has been providing quality education to local and international students for several decades.

  1. Research Facilities

The university is a well famous medical university in China that has got academic tie ups with several international medical universities and research facilities.

  1. Highly Rated Affiliations Hospitals

It has affiliations with some highly rated hospitals which act as the training hospitals for the students to learn while studying in the university.

  1. Facilities Provided at China Medical University

The facilities provided to the students at China Medical University (CMU) are the best and have the latest and modern infrastructure facilities and tools for the students.

  1. Use Modern Tools and Equipment

Any university cannot be considered great with just modern tools and equipment, till the time it does not have the services of experienced teachers.

  1. Experienced and Highly Qualified Professors

China Medical University (CMU) has both the facilities for the students while providing the students with the latest tools it also has a staff of some of the most experienced and highly qualified teachers, professors, and doctors.