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Until it is too late and we start to get cold water showers,we do not notice the deteriorating condition of our water heaters. If you want to avoid getting in this situation you need to be vigilant of the warning signs that will help you identify if your water heater needs repair.

Below mentioned are ten signs that it is time for you to get a hot water heater repair.

Changing water temperature

The first sign you should keep in mind of a deteriorating water heater is a problem in its capacity to heat water properly. You will start to notice a fluctuation in the water temperature. You will not get water at the required set temperature and it can get on your nerves. The reason for this undesirable change in your water heater is the accumulation of mineral deposits around the water heating components. Get in touch with a professional plumber as soon as you notice this issue.

Hot Water Leakage 

Water leaks in a bathroom sound very common, and this is why it is very easy for us to take hot water leakage from water heaters for granted. Little droplets of water keep trickling out and therefore it goes unnoticed and causes long term damage to the heater.

Decreased Hot Water Pressure

The pressure with which hot water comes out of your faucets can be lowered immensely due to mineral deposits in the heating elements of the water heater. These mineral deposits in the water heater result in blocking pipes which in turn reduces the pressure of the water coming from the water heater. So if you see fluctuations in the pressure of hot water coming out of your faucets contact a professional plumber as soon as possible.

Foul smelling cloudy water

Due to deposition of mineral deposits in the water heater you can get foul smelling cloudy water from your faucets. The foul smell can be a signal of bacterial growth in your water tank. You should call in a plumber as soon as you see this.

Water Heater making odd sounds

It is normal to experience a little sound as water comes out of the faucets due to the pressure, but if this noise gets more frequent with time and starts to become louder, it can be a sign of the water heater needing repair. 

The reason for this is the accumulation of mineral deposits near the heating components of the water heater. A layer of these mineral deposits consisting of calcium and dirt particles is formed at the bottom of the tank. This mineral layer obstructs the flow of water making it harder for the heater to warm water and also these layers make noises as the water flows.

It might be time for you to get your water heater repaired if you notice these sounds on a regular basis. Taking this issue for granted can lead to bigger problems.

Rusty Water

You need to call in a professional plumber for cleaning or replacing your water pipes if you notice rusty water coming from both your hot and cold water taps. If rusty colored water only comes from the hot water faucet then the problem lies with your water heater and it needs immediate attention. 

Lukewarm Water

Not getting the desired level of hot water and getting lukewarm water instead can be a little irritating. If you have manually made changes to the heating settings of your water heater due to weather conditions or whatever reasons then it is alright to get lukewarm water. If you have not touched the settings and you still get lukewarm water, then there is a possibility you need some fault in your water heating system and it needs professional attention.

Generally in water heaters there are two water heating elements , and the reason for getting lukewarm water could be that one of these elements stops functioning due to deposition of minerals around it. It should not try to fix it yourself as it is dangerous and lead to greater problems, therefore call in a professional plumber.

Hot Water Keeps Finishing

There is a certain fixed amount of water your water heater can heat and store and if you start getting less amount of hot water than usual. You should not ignore this sign as it can lead you to getting unnecessary cold water showers.

It’s Been over a Year

To ensure proper functioning of the water heater it has to be maintained regularly. If it has been over a year since you installed a water heater , it is time for you to get it checked by a professional plumber. Detecting the problem at an early stage and fixing it is far better than getting into dead end situations.


Just like any other electronic appliance in the house, if not maintained properly , your water heater will likely break down and will be inconvenient for you and your loved ones.

Inorder to maintain your water heater and to keep the hot water flowing, and to keep the surprise cold showers at a distance, check for the above mentioned signs and call in a professional plumber for help.