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Water damage is a serious threat both to human life and property! Be it at home or at the office or at any other building, the most commonly faced issue is water disaster. The source of water may be due to heavy floods, leakage in the pipeline, or improper draining of sewage. Still, there are many other sources for water to enter the building. Regardless of the water sources, most of the time these disasters will lead to serious damages especially on physical investment. So, you need to follow certain Emergency Water Damage Restoration steps to avoid further damages to property. To know what needs to be done in the situation of water damages, scroll and read. 

Plan Quickly And Precisely

The thumb rule of handling the water damages on your home or any other building is to plan and implement it. The longer you wait, the greater the damage will be! Therefore, make a plan and execute it at the earliest. Also, do not too much time in planning itself, as such delays may cause further damages to the properties.  

Protect Yourself And Then Properties

Although material things are costlier, the first thing you need to make sure is about your own safety. Sometimes the water may get contaminated and can harm your health. Also, the growth of mold in damp areas will result in serious problems. So, evacuate the place at the earliest if the water is contaminated. Return to the place only if the authorities claim it to be safe. Shut down the electricity by switching off the circuit breakers, to avoid accidents due to shock. 

Stop The Water Damage

The next step you need to do is to identify the source and stop or prevent it at the earliest. If the issue is due to pipeline damage or a hot water tank leak, close the valves and call the professionals to fix it. If it is the rainy season, then take preventive measures to avoid flooding. The best way to control flood is sandbagging and ditching. The most important thing you need to take care of is to avoid the growth of mold.  

Connect To Your Insurance Company

Once you are able to stop the leakage, the next step is to call the insurance. Ring them as soon as possible and find the steps that you need to take. Bring in the claim adjustor to the place and find the estimated damages cost to be claimed. You can also take photos of the affected area as proof for the claim and you need to keep all the receipts safely. 

Dry The Properties

The next step is to dry out the materials. Avoid drying the items that are fully damaged. By drying 3 to 4 you can avoid the growth of mold. Keep out the wet furniture from the wet area if possible. You can also use a fan or dehumidifiers to dry the room and protect the place from framing of mold. Keep the air conditioner on to remove the humidity and let it be dried soon.

Clean And Restoration Of Assets

Sometimes the cleaning and restoration process may be beyond a normal person’s strength. In such cases, you can call professionals for help. However, if you think it can be managed then while cleaning discards the damaged products. If the damage on flooring and carpeting is severe then change it to avoid mold growth. Due to water damage if any of the electronics got affected then seek the help of professionals to know how to restore it. They know how to recover it with appropriate solutions without making any damages to your investment. 

Closing Words

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