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The Sunrise Cash Cow is segment of the Sunrise show that is telecasted on channel 7 Monday to Friday from 5:30 am to 9 am AEST/AEDT. There is one champ on the show each day with a sum of 124 prize victors all through the promotion in the year 2019.

On the off chance that the champ doesn’t answer the call in 3 rings, the bonanza of $10,000 for the day is given to the following day and this proceeds until the day’s victor answers the call.

Here’s everything you are required to know about the Sunrise Cash cow competition:

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Who has eligibility to win prize money from the Sunrise Cash Cow?

Viewers must meet certain conditions to get eligibility for winning prize cash money, which are listed below:

  • They should watch Sunrise each morning to get the day by day code word. They at that point need to call the number furnished or SMS the code word with their full name, state, contact number and address to enter.
  • Viewers can utilize any of the 124 code words gave on Sunrise all through the advancement to be qualified.
  • The Age limit for this competition is 18 years.
  • They should be in a spot where Channel 7 signal is accessible.

Workers of the Channel 7 system, alongside the families, cannot enter the Cash Cow promotion. Individuals who work in offices or subsidiary organizations to the advancement are not qualified either.


What amount does it cost to enter the Sunrise Cash Cow competition?

Viewers have numerous choices to enter the opposition by entering the day by day code word and their contact data.

  • They can call 1902 55 77 07 at an expense of $0.55 for fixed lines (mobiles will cost extra).
  • They can SMS the code word to 19 777 077 with the entry fee of $0.55.
  • They can utilize their cell phones to lock on to the Sunrise site and snap on cash cow before choosing between various alternatives (One entry at $0.55, Two entries at $1.05, Five entries for $2.50, 15 entries for $7 or 20 entries for $9).
  • Any passage made by means of a cell phone will be charged dependent on the viewer’s choice.

Viewers should remember that excellent administrations are not accessible with all phone suppliers. It’s ideal to affirm this with your supplier before entering the promotion.

Watchers can enter the advancement as frequently as they need, yet they can win just a single time. Occupants of South Australia are the special case to this standard where they may win more than once.


What occurs in the competition?

So as to take an interest in the competition, watchers must comprehend what occurs and consent to specific conditions. Here are a few things you should think about the Sunrise Cash Cow promotion:

  • Each victor gets at least $10,000 on the day or the big stake sum accessible if earlier day champs haven’t addressed their telephones in time.
  • In the event that a victor neglects to answer their call inside the initial 3 rings, they will get a symbolic measure of $500 and the prize cash will go to the following day’s guest.
  • When a champ asserts the prize cash by noting their telephone, they will be paid a cheque.
  • At the point when a watcher consents to partake in the advancement, they acknowledge every article necessity identified with the opposition – including meetings, photography and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The system is permitted to utilize this recording over all media around the globe with no expense.
  • Victors can’t give their story or offer any photos to another association in struggle with the Channel 7 system.
  • Champs may need to sign authoritative documents as dictated by the advertiser.

In the event that there is any unclaimed big stake an incentive toward the finish of the opposition, a last draw will be embraced comprising of all non-winning participants. The champs of the last big stake can just win up to $10,000 each. The all out number of victors is subject to the rest of the big stake esteem.

All victors are informed inside 2 days of undertaking the draw by means of call. A letter will likewise be sent out to them. Their names will likewise be distributed in The Australian in the ‘open notification’s segment. It’s essential to take note of that the choice of the advertiser is conclusive and there can be no questions with respect to the victors.


How does the Channel 7 Network handle member information?

At the point when you consent to take an interest in the Sunrise Cash Cow rivalry, you consent to the system’s protection strategy. Here are a few interesting points:

  • The advertiser organize maintains whatever authority is needed to hold the section subtleties of each member, including individual data with the end goal of the opposition. This incorporates recognizing champs and contemplating viewership socioeconomics.
  • The system will deal with every single individual datum dependent on the protection strategy of the channel. This contains data about how close to home data can be gotten to, remedied and grumbled about if fundamental.
  • The system may decide to uncover individual information of participants to its colleagues, related substances and outer specialist organizations for profiling and exploration purposes.
  • Any individual who takes part in the opposition consents to this security strategy and to the system utilizing individual information to send important projects, administrations and items accessible through them and their colleagues.
  • In certain cases, the system will send individual information to colleagues who may decide to discuss straightforwardly with members.


How does the triumphant call work from Channel 7?

There are explicit conditions with respect to how champs answer that bring in the first part of the day on the show. The hosts, alongside the dawn treasure trove, declare that they are going to call the champ. Here are the states of the call:

  • Victors must get the call inside 3 rings to guarantee their prize cash else they should relinquish it and will just get $500 as relief. The relinquished bonanza will be extended for the following day’s pool.
  • Any champ is reached on the phone number furnished with their entrance.
  • In the event that another person picks up the telephone (not the victor), the hosts of the show have the tact to conclude whether to grant the cash to the champ or not.
  • In the event that the call goes to a replying mail or voice message, the passage is regarded invalid and the victor won’t get the prize cash.
  • The hosts attempt to call the Cash Cow champ somewhere in the range of 5.30am and 9am AEST. There is nothing specifically that should be said yet victors must answer inside 3 rings.


Disqualification of contestants or people relationship with the opposition

Now and again, the advancement will most likely be unable to run as arranged. This could be because of various reasons. In the event that a contestant or any individual is found submitting any of these issues, at that point the system maintains whatever authority is needed to preclude participants, drop the opposition and make some other sensible move. A portion of these issues incorporate however are not constrained to:

  • Altering
  • Extortion and double dealings
  • Specialized disappointments
  • Unapproved impedances

On the off chance that there is an issue with the passage procedure or any participant endeavors to join the opposition in a false way, the system will utilize its circumspection to exclude the individual or even drop or change the competition.

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