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Total Control


Total Control is an Australian  Television Drama series which was published on 13 October 2019 Total Control is a story of high stakes ambition, betrayal, and treachery, playing out in the country’s capital and stars two of Australia’s supported entertainers, multi-grant winning Deborah Mailman and the by and large acclaimed Rachel Griffiths. It is composed by Stuart Page, Angela Betzien, Pip Karmel, and is coordinated by Rachel Perkins.


It was created by Darren Dale and Miranda Dear for Blackfella Films with Rachel Griffiths, Kelrick Martin, and Sally Riley as lead creators. Firstly the series name was Black Bitch but later on it changed because it deemed too controversial and the series was renamed.. The series consists of six parts and it is filmed in  Canberra, Sydney, and Winton in Central West Queensland. New tunes was written and recorded by Missy Higgins and featured in the series.



Rachel Anderson is the troubled yet clever Prime Minister of Australia. Alex is an alluring Indigenous lady who gets herself the focal point of media consideration following her commendable activities in a high-hazard circumstance. Rachel needs to utilize Alex to support her prevalence and further her own plan and enlists her as a congressperson.



  • The legislature in the arrangement seems to speak to the Liberal-National alliance, with different groups and different gatherings copying current ones in Australia. There are a few storylines and characters, including Alex’s child, her mom, an ex-darling and adversary families in Winton, Queensland, her dissident sibling in the city, different parts in the Canberra political and office circle, and a youngster who has moved away from youth confinement with some chronicle which could genuinely hurt the organization, or explicitly the customary gathering. The program has gotten both positive and negative audits. The discourse, connections between the characters, and Alex’s portrayal were broadly applauded, however repeating reactions were that the arrangement needed activity and the narrating was excessively tame and stifled notwithstanding its exceptional topic.


  • In a positive survey from The Sydney Morning Herald by pundit Craig Mathieson, he said of the arrangement “It’s difficult to recollect the last time an Australian show had exchange as gnawing, succulent, and telling as the lines that ricochet to and fro – at the same time uncovering force and characterizing characters.” Matheson in praise of Mailman said that she gives a “full-tilt and full-bodied performance”. In a blended audit from pundit Luke Buckmaster of The Guardian said “There are times when it seems like we might be available for a Bulworth-style display, spinning around a shoot-from-the-hips political novice with nothing to lose. However, the drama in Total Control is meeker than that, and the stakes feel surprisingly low, given several hot-button issues explored..” Buckmaster applauded the exhibitions of both Mailman and Trisha Morton-Thomas. He pronounced Mailman’s presentation to be “great” and said that she was the arrangement’s “one undeniably extraordinary component”.


  • In another blended survey Chris Boyd from Screenhub expressed that “As an activity dramatization, Total Control is unconvincing and shoddy. As a political thriller, it’s sketchy and forced
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The Canberra interest is shallow to the point of farce.” Boyd in his survey lauded the exhibitions of both Mailman and Rob Collins. With regards to Mailman’s presentation he said “Progressively obtuse, and indecent, Mailman is zapping. Structural. Extraordinary. Laura Brodnik from Mamma Mia gave the arrangement a positive survey saying “with a cutting and effective content, this is an arrangement that makes sure about a spot as extraordinary compared to other Australian contributions of the year.” Brodnik lauded a large portion of the cast however singled out Mailman and Shantae Barnes Cowan for the most applause. She considered Mailman’s presentation a “stick out”. What’s more, said Barnes Cowan “conveys a portion of the show’s most passionate minutes in scenes that are light on discourse, so it’s surrendered to her outward appearances to pass on the gravity of what is truly going on.

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