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Nowadays, the solar system is widely used in areas where frequent power shutdown happens. Solar system uses Sun as the main source of energy and solar panels receive electricity all the time. When you decide to buy a solar system for your energy needs, you need to choose the right wattage powers suit your property.

In recent times, the 30kw solar system has become a popular choice of everyone and finds applications in many areas such as schools, large homes, restaurants, medium-sized businesses, hotels, petrol pumps, and more.

30Kw Solar System has the ability to deliver ROI within 3 years. If you want to cut down the higher electricity costs, it is the right time to install a 30kw solar system.

How much panels does 30kw solar system consist of?

When you decide to install a 30kw solar system on your homes or offices, you need at least 1500 square feet of space. 30Kw Solar system price can vary depends on the brand and number of panels involved.

Alongside, the price of the 30kw solar system also depends on the type and brand you are choosing. Normally, a 30kw solar system consists of 90 panels and it could be a great option for your electricity needs.

On average, a 30kw solar system helps you to generate 120-150 wattage per day. With this, you can big savings on your electricity costs and why homeowners and business people start to invest in solar systems.

Solar system installation needs a professional hand and so you need to seek assistance from an experienced and skilled solar system installer.

The cost of a 30kw solar system has decreased over the past few years; it has been installed mostly on commercial buildings to run the electrical components that require higher electricity.

Factors that determine the right size solar system for your needs :

When you are ready to install a 30kw solar system on your property, you need to look at these three important factors,

  • Available roof space :

Without a doubt, a 30kw solar system requires at least 150-200 square meters. It is because a 30kw solar system consists of 80-90 panels and so it should be distributed with the utmost care where direct sunlight is possible.

The installer will come to your place and measure the roof space where you want to install a 30kw solar system. If space is enough to install a 30kw solar system, installers will begin the installation process. You can power up the appliances that require higher electricity.

  • Habits of energy consumption :

Based on your energy needs, you can increase the number of panels involved in the 30kw solar system configuration. You want to secure the amount of electricity that you are using per day. Based on the energy consumption, you can decrease or increase the number of panels.

With a 30kw solar system, you can power up many household electrical appliances such as washing machines, TV, fridge, water heater, AC, computers, and more.

  • Budget :

After determining the roof space, you need to set your budget to invest in a 30Kw Solar System. 30kw solar system price depends on the brand and number of panels available in the solar system configuration.

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