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Major services on your vehicle are not as frequent as minor ones. However, they must be performed to protect the warranty guidelines, keep your car safe and in good operating condition, and maintain its value. Some drivers on the road don’t keep up with the car repair and preventative maintenance needed to keep their vehicle in good operating condition. It may be the farthest thing from their mind during their busy day. Or it could be that they don’t have the money in their budget for seemingly unnecessary items.

Although repairs for damages such as those in the engine, transmission, or suspension systems may be greater than the cost of maintaining your vehicle, it is still necessary to take your car into a shop for recommended maintenance. Indeed, you don’t save money by extending the time between the suggested service intervals. The difference between major and minor services is significant. Let us understand how!

Difference: Minor and major car service

Many different vehicle services are designed to keep your car in the best condition possible. The main difference between minor and major vehicle services is the amount of time and parts required, but many other factors come into play when deciding which service is suitable for your car. So, whether you invest in a minor or major car service in Melbourne, you should know the difference between the two.

Minor service

A minor servicing generally includes a comprehensive vehicle inspection, engine oil and filter replacement, vehicle greasing, diagnostic checks and tyre rotation. It can be included in the logbook service and sometimes be referred to as a primary or general service. It is required every 10,000km or yearly, depending on your vehicle manufacturer’s requirements and your vehicle’s use.

Major service

A major service is performed on a vehicle to replace transmission and differential oils, which lubricate pinion gears that transfer power from the driveshaft to the car’s wheel axles. It would help if you also count on checking and replacing brake and clutch fluid and adjusting tappet clearance to ensure the most critical parts in your engine keep running in optimal condition. It is also an excellent time to check and replace the wheel bearing grease, among other items needed.

Depending on the car, manufacturer requirements and engine type, you can count on a major service after two minor ones, so about every three years or 30,000km (18,641 miles). It is usually also the right time to think about replacing spark plugs, cabin filters and timing belts. Your manufacturer’s maintenance logbook will tell you exactly when these services are necessary.

What does a major car service include?

Every vehicle will inevitably require a major car service at some point during its life. It is because it’s impossible to predict precisely when an engine part will fail or an electrical system will stop working. The cost of major car repairs on newer vehicles is often so significant that many owners choose to invest less money in regular servicing, resulting in them having to pay for more expensive repairs later. However, if owners follow a scheduled maintenance schedule, they can significantly reduce the likelihood of incurring expensive repair bills in the future.

Following is a major service checklist:

  • Engine oil: Your car engine’s black and dirty oil should be replaced with clean and new oil to make your engine run smoothly.
  • Spark plugs: Your spark plugs are replaced to boost your fuel economy.
  • Brakes: Your brakes should be inspected, cleaned and adjusted if needed.
  • Filters: The oil, air, fuel and pollen filters should all be replaced that makes your car run effectively.
  • Safety inspection: A full safety inspection should be done to keep your vehicle in good condition.
  • Flush and change: The transmission, power steering clutch, brake, and coolant fluids should all be replaced to increase the car’s efficiency.
  • Battery test: A battery test should be performed to check if the charging is done correctly and that it shouldn’t need replacing shortly.
  • Road test: All major car services include a road test to find out if there are any problems with the engine and its functioning.

Why is servicing important?

Maintaining your car correctly is essential because regular servicing can help identify potential problems before they become real ones. Servicing will ensure that necessary checks are carried out on critical vehicle components and that these crucial components don’t let you down when you want to function correctly. Failing to service your car each year to save a few dollars is a false economy. It could result in expensive repairs later on or cause problems at the petrol pump. When it comes time to sell your vehicle, providing a consistent and regular servicing history with a reputable service department will significantly increase its resale value!

How to find the right car mechanic for servicing?

When you purchase a car, you are making a sizeable investment. It will help if you take care of your vehicle by having it serviced regularly, and finding a mechanic you can trust is integral to keeping your car in good condition.

The following are the qualities of a qualified car servicing mechanic:


When choosing a car service centre, it is essential to consider the qualifications and experience of the mechanics. Ask about their training and credentials. There are wide varieties of cars, so it is not surprising that many service centres specialise in a specific area. It is also worth checking that they specialise in your car’s make.


When looking for a mechanic for your car, it’s best to seek referrals from friends and family members who have had their vehicles serviced at the exact centre. It is a reassurance that the mechanic is reputable and trustworthy since they have been vetted by someone you trust.


While finding a new mechanic, ensure the mechanic has good communication skills. A mechanic who can explain what he is doing in a way you understand will help you avoid misunderstandings and additional costs.


It is generally best to find a mechanic close to your workplace or home for more economical service. It makes it easier to get your car repaired and reduces the cost of taking taxis when you do not have a courtesy car.


When seeking a mechanic to service your car, inquire about any warranties they offer on repairs. A quality service centre will happily guarantee their work, indicating that they use quality parts and providing you with the assurance that your vehicle will be serviced to the highest standard.


Whether you are looking for a major car service or like to take charge of your minor repairs and service, booking your car into the hands of these specialists can help you throughout the servicing and maintenance process. Thus, invest in a repetitive and well-recognised vehicle servicing company in Melbourne.