by lara buck

Whiteboards play an important role in any teaching, training, or workshop class. Be it in schools or office training rooms, these boards are of great use. Not only are they lightweight and portable but can be easily cleaned. All you need will be a whiteboard duster to erase whatever is written on the board.

There are a lot of options available in the market for whiteboards. If you plan to buy one, the options can leave you perplexed. You would be unable to pick one unless you have a clear picture in mind.

The task becomes further difficult when you have to order whiteboard online. To help you with the decision, we have listed out a few factors you must consider when ordering a whiteboard.

First, decide the purpose of the whiteboard

Once you identify the purpose, you can easily shortlist the ones that satisfy your requirements. If you are ordering the whiteboard for a classroom, choose the wall-mounted boards. But in case you are looking for a whiteboard for temporary purposes like training a new team of recruits, look for the portable options, basically, boards that can be mounted on a stand.

Find the right website to purchase

Since you will order whiteboard online, you need to check whether the website is reliable. First, look through the return and refund policies of the online platform, in case you have to return the whiteboard. Next, you need to check if the company selling the boards is a distributor or the manufacturer. It is best to choose an online store that is the whiteboard manufacturer.

Look for whiteboard varieties before buying

Before you finally order whiteboard online, you need to look for different varieties. It can be in terms of size and shape, or the surface liners. Having multiple options available will help ensure that you find the right product.

Select the right sized board

Since whiteboards are available in different sizes, you can easily find one that suits your requirements. For large classrooms, it is best to choose larger whiteboards that can cover the entire wall. In case you don’t find a board that large, buy two different boards and attach them. Make sure to check the size configuration before you order whiteboard online.

Understand the surface quality

It is very essential to check whether or not the surface is properly coated with lubricant. You cannot use a marker on a surface that is not well lubricated, since these markers have liquid ink. Before you make a purchase, do make sure that the surface is neither too rough nor too smooth, as both will affect its quality and your experience. You just need the right blend of both, such that the experience is great and the writing distinctly visible even when viewed from far.

Compare the prices before buying

Lastly, you need to compare the prices of the whiteboards before you buy one for yourself. To do this, go through the price ranges on different online stores and choose one which is affordable. However, do remember to not compromise on the quality. A good quality whiteboard can last you for years, so there’s no harm in spending a few extra bucks on quality.


When you order whiteboard online, ensure that you consider all these factors so that you won’t have to suffer later. . So, what are you waiting for, start looking for the whiteboard you have been planning to order.