by Molly Crowe

Starting from parties to public events, lighting is one of the major factors. It can either make or break the event concept. Therefore, knowing everything about party lighting hire is crucial. There are several lighting contractors who have earned quite fame in the market.

But being the party manager or host, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. How much do you know about party lights or its types?  There are different types of lights available for different events. For example, you need a different set of lights for your open-air party and you can use minimum lights for your bridal dinner. So to choose the best types of lights for your party, you can read the following factors that you need to consider while you choose a party lighting hire service. Types of party/event lights and systems

There are several types of lights that you can incorporate in your party. These types are based on the event’s purpose and coverage. For example, fairy lights are ideal for cozy dinner but not for a concert or pool party.

So, before moving forward, let’s have a look at popular party light types:

1. LED candles and strips

One of the main illumination sources that most party lighting hire contractors prefer is LED. LEDs are normally bright and available in several colors. Moreover, their lumen intensity won’t diminish or fade out over time. For decorating a party venue, LED candles and strips can be used. You can even use these lights at your outdoor.

2. String/fairy lights

Whenever you want to introduce a cozy and personal ambiance, the string and fairy lights would be best. Just like the name sounds, there will be a long electrical wire “string” to which small bulbs are connected. There is a constant gap between the bulbs for providing widespread coverage.

3. Disco balls and lights

If you want to use disco balls and panel lights, you need to choose a party lighting hire contractor. They have huge collections of such lights that will enhance the beauty and charm of the party. You can either choose single colored disco ball light or a multicolored one. You can use them for your live concert.

4. Laser lights

Another amazing form of party lighting you can use is the laser light. Each streak of chrome light diverges so as to cover more area on the party stage or ground. The best part of having this system is the opportunity to program the lasers.

Things only a professional party lighting hire can do

Are you wondering why need a professional party lighting hire? Here, you can find some benefits of hiring such processional party lighting services:

  1. Professional lighting contractors are experienced than you. They have worked in weddings, dinner parties, office parties, charity galas, stage parties, and so on. Thus, their experience will save your event from becoming a disaster.
  2. A professional team of skilled lighting individuals will help in reducing the risks from electrical connections, improper installation of lights and so on.  They can cover your event with an effective lighting system and they can suggest the best lighting options within your budget.
  3. They know where to install the light so that they can illuminate the entire space and set the right mood.
  4. If you are not sure about the lighting type, a professional can guide you towards the best choice.
  5. A professional party lighting hire contractor will also help in setting up the lighting systems that will complement your event perfectly.

Final thoughts

Most party lighting hire companies will provide you with sophisticated and decent light systems that will accentuate your event. Moreover, the professionals have access to different types of lights and tools that you can’t even find in the market.