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There is no secret in the fact the family is one of the most important institutions in the life of a person and plays a very big role in not just determining the kind of lives they will have but also in discovering the kind of people they are going to become. How we are and how we behave with others, plays a very big role in not just creating one’s image but is also a key factor in determining the quality of their life. There is no rocket science in understanding that if you are a kind and good person, that’s the kind of people and energies you will be attracting in your life whereas if you are someone who is rude and selfish and always mean to others, then again that is the kind of people you are sure to bring in your life.

There is no hiding the fact that our grandparents invested a lot of time with our parents in comparison to the time parents are now spending with their own kids. There is no point is being judgmental and accusing them or the parents today as things and circumstances change with time. Even though time and change can not be controlled there are certain points that can be followed to bring stability and values in the life of a person.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the factors that can significantly add quality to the life of a person
– It doesn’t matter how many hours you are spending with your child if you do not focus on things like listening to what they say, hearing them and understanding their point of view. You can spend only an hour in the day with them, but if that one hour includes quality time, it is all that is required by them to find their way to a good foundation.

– Whatever free time you and your children can find together, focus on doing things that you both enjoy. This not only gives them a chance to learn and improve their skills but also helps you as a parent to realize their strengths and weaknesses and also to enable them to polish their many characterizations and personality traits.

– Patience. When we talk about patience, it does not refer to them misbehaving or spoiling things, and you being a mere spectator in the name of patience, but showing your tolerating skill when they have made bigger mistakes in life, instead of shoving them away, it’s important to make them realize that as humans its acceptable to make mistakes but what is to be kept in mind is the willingness to understand from their mistakes and to find a way to not just avoid doing them again but also learn their lessons from the same. You might be surprised to know what deep impact is this simple equation going to have in their lives, to accept when they are wrong and to further learn from it.

Nobody in the world can replace the value of family in the life of a person. If you have a family then you are far luckier then you realize. So, hold them close, work on strengthening the bond between each other and find your very own heaven within your own space.

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