by Daniel Clark

The decision to buy a new house is a very good one however there are many hurdles for new home buyers that they might not be aware of. Two of the most popular methods of finding a new home for any first-time buyer are an expert real estate agent who is prepared with plenty of properties that are for sale and can show them at a moment’s notice; the other one being a home builder. One of the obvious benefits of opting for a newly built home or seeking the help of custom builders in Melbourne to build yourself one as per your design is that it will require less maintenance and there will not be any immediate repairs either.

Some of the important deciding factors include:

  • One of the biggest deciding factors for first-time buyers is affordability.
  • A newly built home will only require a quick inspection
  • It has very low repair and maintenance costs and also was one with low utility bills.
  • It is also likely to include high tech features that you are not likely to find in one of the real estate agent’s houses for sale.
  • At times they come with a warranty as well.
  • Ready-made homes do not tend to have design flexibility.

Thus, if you are a first time home buyer and someone with a specific idea of how a house should be, it is best to hire custom builders in Melbourne.

Essential Information on Custom Builders in Melbourne.

There are several misconceptions about custom home building. It often happens that a first-time buyer starts out trying to figure out the perfect design for their new home, but ends up selecting a pre-existing specification or modifying an existing house. The main reason first time buyers get it wrong is due to the sequence of events.

The basic mistake first time buyers make is to first opt to select a good architect to prepare the house design and then approach a builder of their choice to request quotes from several of them. Once the builder is picked, they seek a builder’s help to find the perfect plot for their house. This process is completely the wrong way of buying a new house. It is important to first pick the location for building your new house and then select a good customs house builder.

Important Tips on Custom Building for First Time Buyers

Here are several tips on how to get custom home building right:

  • First, identify the perfect lot to purchase; it is highly beneficial to perform some research into the builder and construction market first.
  • It is quite common to come across ‘Spec Builders’ who will custom build houses in specific neighbourhoods based on a fixed design. The design of such houses is based on a pre-designed specification.
  • ‘Spec Homes’ are not for those who build a house based on a custom design of their own. Thus, it is important to pick a lot that fits with what you have in mind.
  • Building a custom home is similar to having a baby if one were to consider the amount of preparation time and effort that is necessary to design one.
  • It is best to make use of advanced tools like CAD tools or other design tools. Such tools help bring life to your imagination.
  • It is best to seek help from custom builders in Melbourne who are experts at doing this.
  • Professional custom builders are people with innovative ideas and plenty of experience in building customised spaces to suit your needs. They also work as per your budget and offer practical advice.
  • Custom home builders will not compromise on quality and are people who have a knack of understanding what you have in mind.
  • They also understand the concept of building unique houses that are also modern and as to the liking of the first time home buyer.