by Angela Smith

There is a shortage of barbers in Australia and the shortage is likely to continue. This means you can study and train to become a barber and be assured of a steady job. In fact, salons are desperate to hire barbers so you can flit from one city to another and live life to the fullest while working as a barber. You could start with basic course Barber Melbourne academy offers, as the starting point to becoming a master barber.

It is a long journey

It is a long journey but not quite as tough or arduous as the one involved in becoming a doctor. Enroll for 12 weeks barbering basic course at Barber Melbourne academy. You learn the basics of sectioning, cutting techniques, using scissors over comb and freehand clipper work. You then join a salon as an apprentice to get hands-on training. In six months you could become a barber and start earning about AUD 20 per hour. If you are content you can continue with your work but a master barber earns more. Set your sights high and jump to a higher level with a certificate III in barbering. Make sure to select barber courses Melbourne based that are approved by the government otherwise your certificate will have little value. The advanced course teaches you about shampoo and basin services, detailing, beard and mustache trims, shaving and finishing. You can work and study. Then, once this is done, it is time for more advanced techniques such as coloring and being able to match hairstyle to suit an individual’s personality as well as recognizing hair types and the cuts that would such hair types.

Do not be satisfied with just working

If you want to earn more and be recognized as a master barber you do need skills but working and doing nothing else will not get you there. Continue barbering education by all means but do more. For instance, you could get each client you serve to leave feedback about you on your employer’s page. You could start your Facebook page and create a community of clients. You get to know what they expect even as you build your reputation. Reputation counts for a lot. It translates to value and loyalty. The goal is to find wealthy clients who are style conscious and are willing to pay premium rates because they trust you and no one else.

Time to start your own salon

As an employee, you can earn only so much. Then there is a roadblock. You are likely to get stuck in the rut. Avoid it by building up a reputation and then starting your own salon. That way you simply do not have to worry about getting clients for your new business. When people recommend you, especially the wealthy section of society, you are acknowledged as a sought-after master barber.

As they say, success does not come easy but it helps to have the right start with a couple of courses at the Barber Melbourne academy.