by Russell Butlere

In Melbourne, freshwater pearls are one of the most popular pearls produced in the world Each year, many pearl enthusiasts invest in freshwater pearls that are available in a wide range of unique shapes, sizes and colours. It has been the favourite since long when it comes to buying jewellery and is also referred to as the ‘Queen of Jewels”. This article will guide you in explaining what makes these pearls so special and provides vital tips for those planning to buy.

Features of Freshwater Pearls in Australia

Australian pearls are available in a diverse range of colours. They also vary in shape and size which is one of the main reasons why they are so popular with the jeweller designers. Some of the popular shapes for pearls include a stick, potato-shaped, rice & button shaped. They are also available in other traditional shapes like a coin, drop, round and a slightly imperfect round.

How Do Freshwater Pearls in Melbourne Compare to Other Pearls 

The round and lustrous Australian freshwater pearls are the ones that are the most sought after but are difficult to find. These will usually be priced at a higher value at the eCommerce stores online. They tend to have a risk and bright charm and go well with any attire. In fact, there are several freshwater farms where millions of pearls are produced. The freshwater pearls have a distinct surface texture and warm lustre. They do not have a glossy or metallic finish unlike other types of pearls.

Important Facts & Stats

  • The Australian exports for pearls, precious stones, metals, coins, etc. in 2019 was up to 17.44 Billion USD.
  • In 1996-97 the value of pearls in Australia exported to Japan was 17 million AUD work, 8.9 Million AUD worth to HongKong, 7.4 million AUD worth to the United Kingdom.
  • This is the only Gemstone to come from a living creature.
  • Natural pearls are one of the world’s rarest jewels.
  • There are mainly four types of pearls like freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, and South Sea pearls.

Tips to Buy Pearls in Australia

When buying pearls online in Australian, it is a symbol of class, beauty and sophistication. They add a feminine touch and are fit for a queen. These are pearls derived from freshwater sources like lakes, rivers, ponds and found in mussels.

It is important to select your set pearls online in Australia with care to ensure they are good and free from imperfections. If you do happen to notice any bumps or ridges on the surface of the pearls, they are likely to be fake. Since pearl jewellery tends to cost a fortune, it is best to ensure they are perfect prior to accepting them. One of the popular tests for freshwater pearls is the ‘Tooth Test’. If the pearl feels smooth on rubbing it against your tooth it is likely to be fake. However, if it feels gritty, it is real. It will also feel heavy when held, unlike a fake one.

There are several rules one must follow before you buy pearls online since this is a high-end purchase in terms of value. Make sure the eCommerce store you select is owned and operated by pearl experts since if they happen to lack knowledge about cultured pearls they might be misinformed, ignorant and be easily cheated into stocking fake products themselves. Also, make sure stores have a foolproof return policy to ensure you can return the item in the case where you find there is an issue. Buy freshwater pearls online from a store that is easily accessible via several methods and have good customer service.