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What if tomorrow you lived in a house permanently exposed to the sun? Or better yet, who would give you a different view of the surrounding landscape every day? This dream vision has been a reality for some owners for a long time. Your best friend and confidant on this journey will be your architect. Architects turn dreams into reality and support you throughout the process.

Although other specialists can provide Home design services in Canberra, architects are rigorously trained in the profession. Just like doctors, they must complete at least seven years of study and practical experience to pass the exams which, when passed, officially recognize their qualification as an architect. And it doesn’t stop there; To remain accredited, they must demonstrate that they are deserving professionals by taking regular professional development courses and demonstrating a good knowledge of the industry.

Choosing your architect:

To obtain registration with the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, a person must hold a recognized architectural degree or demonstrate equivalent qualifications, undertake a period of experiential training, and pass a practical exam.

Architects’ websites

Watch as you browse architects’ websites – the logo indicates firms that are known to meet the highest standards in the industry. They also have access to the latest industry information and advice, which means you also have access to the best design and build solutions to meet your brief.

Good design with personalized adaptation

Visit the site along with your expert architect and do a ‘SWOT’ analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). This will allow you to start thinking about the look of your design and the specific attributes of the site. Every new client and every new site provides an opportunity for an architect to deliver unique results. Beware of companies that take a cookie-cutter approach to design. Experienced architects use the parameters and opportunities that each new site presents with each client’s vision, to design homes. Please consider the below points when you visit your block.

  • Orientation
  • Contour
  • Views


Summary of corrective work required to permanently correct the causes of damage and damage to your property. (For a more detailed document, see the “Technical estimate” service.)


Estimation of the value of the corrective work required to permanently correct the causes of damage and damage to your property.


Document detailing the corrective work required and the main materials to be used in order to contractually supervise the work of a contractor. The technical specification is much more detailed than the correction procedure and requires performance.


One of the most underrated services which is yet the most important. Supervision of the work is the only way to ensure complete quality control on the conformity and durability of the work carried out by the contractor.

Each house pictured here looks different, as each house has been designed to meet the specific needs of the client, its setting, and its surroundings.

Why call on an architect?

Whether or not it is mandatory for your project, hiring an architect can greatly contribute to its success. Indeed, the architect will accompany you at each stage of your project thanks to his technical skills, his aesthetic sensitivity, as well as his mastery of legal aspects. Calling on an architect can bring you many advantages:

  • Design a personalized project and allow you to visualize it: going through an architect for your project is the guarantee of obtaining a project that looks like you and its graphic representation (sketches and plans), taking into account your needs, your tastes, and your budget.
  • Ensure the feasibility of your project: the architect will ensure that your project is feasible, taking into account technical and legal constraints, and the budget set.

Help you with technical and aesthetic choices: an architect can give you valuable advice, in areas as varied as the architectural style of the house, the choice of materials (and their combination), the layout of the rooms, the equipment, etc.

If further information is required, please do not hesitate to contact Sunny Homes Act.