by Jilli

The New Year celebration plans are ready for execution. So, how do you plan to upgrade your house this year? The continuous dip in the temperature is an indication that you should add the wood fireplace to your home if you don’t have one yet.

Struggle for the right choice

As you proceed to check out the options to buy a gas fireplace online, you will be facing tremendous confusion regarding the choice of the model. Do you want to install a freestanding wood fireplace or an inbuilt one? 

Both the options have their pros and cons. So it is essential to know how you can decide which one will be appropriate for your house. Before starting the hunt, you should also find out your primary Requirements that can go a long way in understanding the nature of the fireplace that will be suitable for you.

Check the aesthetics

Any fireplace, be it the freestanding one or the built-in version, can be a beautiful feature of your residential space. But both the types impart different looks.

  • Traditional designs of the built-in fireplaces are good to go with all types of interior designs. It is possible to achieve a timeless cozy feel with the natural wooden fireplace. 
  • Although the modern gas heaters have excellent designs and look almost like the traditional ones, the built-in fireplaces have an elegance of their own.
  • But it is not necessary to choose any traditional design of the built-in models. You can get a chic and clean appearance if you choose the minimalist style of the fireplace. 

The chief aim is to complement the interior décor of the room where you want to have the fireplace. Freestanding heaters fit more easily with the contemporary designs of the rooms. Still, if you are looking for traditional models, the cast iron heater will be appropriate. For modern homes, the avante grade and contemporary designs look the best.

Enough warmth

If you have a two-storied house, the freestanding wood fireplace can be a better option when it comes to keeping the interior warm.

  • You can position the freestanding heater anywhere so that the heat will radiate from all sides and heat the entire room equally. 
  • The upstairs areas will also benefit from the heat coming up through the flue pipe of the wood heaters. 

But when you want a built-in heater, you should use the gas inserts. These inserts are like stoves but fit into the existing brick fireplace. Therefore, the heater will minimize the heat loss through the chimney.

Safety factor

Do you have children or pets at home? Then you have to choose the safest options among the heaters. As the built-in fireplaces are within the wall, children or pets cannot run around the source of heat emission. The Lopi built-in gas fireplace is a safe option that poses minimal risk to the kids.

But when you have freestanding heaters, you should always lace the fireguards around them to protect the little ones getting too close to the heat source. However, it will ruin the aesthetic completely when you have bought the freestanding model as the focal point of the room and placed it right at the centre of the living area. 

Built-in fireplaces are usually more expensive for installation purposes and maintenance expenses too. But the freestanding ones are easy to install and maintain, decreasing the expenditures.