by Jilli

Are you planning to decorate and make your bedroom more comfortable for access? Want to buy the new bed set for the bedroom? If so, you should focus more on factors like durability and comfort which are necessary to achieve the purpose. Generally, people will have two options: metal and wooden bed frames, and they will be confused about choosing the best one between wood and metal. 

You can buy bed frames online, which are more suitable in terms of cost, stability, and comfort. However, you can always find certain differences between these two, and you should know this for the perfect selection. Here is a complete guide that compares wooden and metal bed frames for your bedroom with unique features. Go through the comparison and choose the right one. 

Why Prefer Metal Bed Frames? 

There is a wide range of reasons when you prefer metal bed frames. Here are some notable facts. 

  • Less maintenance

One of the best things to love about the wooden metal frames is all due to the low maintenance. It is more obvious that the metal does not dent or scratch as easily as that happens in the wood frames. It makes the metal option certainly a more attractive choice in this circumstance. Moreover, it will not get damaged by termites or any other insects losing its strength. 

  • Durability

If you are in a sword fight and have to choose between the wooden sword and metal, what do you think is the best choice? Obviously, the most probable answer would be metal. It is always stronger and durable in comparison to wood, and it could also last longer. It could also handle more weight than a wood bed frame. 

  • Lightweight 

Metal bed frames tend to be lighter in weight compared to wooden ones. Some metal bed frames will also come with the wheels offering ease of mobility. If you are the one who enjoys moving the furniture around in your room and redecorating, or you move a lot, the metal would be the best choice. 

  • Adjustability 

Lots of metal bed frames will adjust to the size of the mattress you are willing to have. However, this does not mean that there are no such things as the adjustable wood frame. Do you have the queen-size mattress that you might upgrade to the king-size? It is perfect to choose the metal frames then. 

Reasons to Opt For the Wooden Bed Frame? 

Not all the time, metal frames are a great choice. In certain circumstances, Wooden bed frames also become the right choice. 

  • Sturdy 

Although metal is stronger than wood, when it comes to the context of bed frames, the wooden frame wins the battle several times. The wooden bed frame is made of thick material and sturdier stable systems. Sometimes, the wooden frames can carry the weight, and metal frames cannot. 

  • Easier to Assemble 

Some would say that the metal bed frame will be easy to assemble instead of the bed frame being made of wood. It may not always be true. The unique thing about the wood is that it could be molded into things to screws like dowels. No screws or screwdrivers are necessary, and it assembles and disassembles within a few minutes. With metal frames, you have to deal with lots of parts and need some specific screwdrivers to assemble it. 

  • Price 

Although some solid wood bed frames can get pretty pricey, it does not mean that all the wooden bed frames are high in price. The wooden bed frames will have a wide range of prices that makes them fit into your budget. 

  • Sustainability 

If you are looking for the more suitable option between metal and wood frames, wood will always win. Some companies are taking care of nature, and they are growing the trees for these purposes. They are more cautious with it and help for sustainability. 

  • Customizability 

The great thing about the wooden frames is the option of customizing. If you have the saw at home, you can even put some creativity into it and bring out the customized wooden frames for your beds. Else, you can also find the right company that offers custom frames for beds. 

So, which is better? Wood or Metal?

Here, you have gone through both the factors that justify the selection of wood and metal, respectively. As per the comparison, both have their own benefits. It really comes down to you and your family’s personal preferences, your style, and your budget. However, do not consider only the low-quality bed frames. Remember that making such an investment will be concerned for both the style, looks, and comfort of the room and your family. Check out each and every factor for the selection. You have to consider all such crucial factors mentioned above and choose the right one.